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Took the stabilizers off today

and ran without Laura. It felt very strange to run alone after more than three months with her. Mixed feelings - I like the freedom, but I'm easily distracted and could have been tempted to stop and smell the flowers, so I think, as a dancer, I need the irresistible motivation of music to keep me focused.

Any tips for making up your own playlist? How can I insert time checks into it (e.g. five minutes, ten minutes)?

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I'm not good at making playlists - I discovered quite quickly that I don't actually like running to the music I like listening to! But once you've got a playlist, if you're using a smartphone you can use an app such as RunKeeper that can give you timings etc. while your music plays.


I have found that too. I've been using Audiofuel and old Laura podcasts (I've actually come to quite like her music!) but when I listen to my own music, it just doesn't seem to work. I've recently made a playlist of my music with a particular bpm which is good for me, and the songs I thought would motivate me just don't and the odd ones I thought I would be deleting seemed to work. Goodness knows what goes on in my head.


I use runkeeper with my works well for me, runkeeper gives you your stats every 5 mins which i love because it means i can quickly try and adjust my pace if im not doing too well ☺


Use a free app such as Runkeeper, you can set it to give you time, distance, split pace, speed etc every five minutes or every 0.5k, and it happily operates alongside your music. For music, try to find things that have a beat that lines ip with the stepping cadence you normally run at. Nothing works better for me than Rolling Stones greatest hits volume 1. Just about everything is at the right cadence for my running.


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