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W2D2 later today but W2D1 was the first time that the air was cold and I seriously struggled with my breathing. It was worse towards the later jogs. I get maybe half way into the 90 seconds and my lungs hurt. I am not asthmatic and I am unfit and a bit overweight but not enough to cause this.

Any advice? I was fine when the weather was warmer on week 1 shorter runs. Unfortunately I can't use a treadmill

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No treadmill required

Try slowing right down. You should run really slowly for c25k. It 's the way to do it safely and for you not to get out of puff. It's more important to finish the session, so going very slow buys you time and hopefully means you get less puffed out

Don't despair. Each run will get you that bit fitter. Just press on ☺


Are you running too fast? I know everyone says to slow down, then slow down some more. I slowed down so much now when i'm running that I actually walk faster! Proof is on my sports tracker app! Slow, then slow some more, then after that slow more. I am sure this will help. x

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Just wanted to let u know that I am still going and when I am struggling I remember what u said 'slow down and slow some more' and it does of course work. Thanks again!


Thank you everyone. Just back from W2D2 and it worked! I slowed down and slowed down some more. And could breathe! I was already going slow before so I didn't think it would work but it did. I think the lower half of my lungs have not been used for a long time! Thanks for the support :-)


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