I have just done R2W6 (and found it the toughest so far). My breathing is not as regular as I would like it to be.....Laura suggested she was able to time her breaths, in and out once , every 8 strides. I can only manage it over 6 (sometimes less) and it can feel a bit ragged. I run alone so can't test whether I would be able to hold a conversation - I suspect not - and am reluctant to be seen waddling along talking to myself to test it.

Does this mean I am running too fast for me? When Laura says 60 seconds left, I always have something in the tank to pick up the pace, and I recover very quickly.

Advice gratefully received!

And I am NOT looking forward to R3W6 on Wednesday!


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15 Replies

  • Oh I could never master that breathing thing and just ignored it. As long as I was still able to breathe at all I reckoned I was doing ok! You're clearly doing something right if you have something left in the tank and you recover quickly.

    As with all the other runs, just take it very slowly and you'll be fine.

  • reassuring, thanks!

  • Nah, sounds like your running is just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about the exact time of breathing, in for three and out for three is good, nice and even. Why not set out to do R3W6 a little slower than normal ? It really is about completing the times at this point, a slow run may be just what you need to shake off that impending feeling :)

  • Thanks, will try that.

  • Trying to 'consciously control' your breathing pattern is as whack as tryng to change your foot-striking method, particularly at this stage of the game. Breathe as you breathe. The only thing to avoid is not breathing. If your breathing is difficult, slow down till it isn't.

  • I tried the foot strike thing and it was most weird then I saw an earlier post of yours on the subject and gave it up!

  • Researching my utterances on any given running-connected subject and heeding them is a sure-fire route to success. You are on the right track.

  • don't worry about your breathing, pant if that's what you do, don't try and hide it, it'll all settle down on its own accord, yes, its tough, but I bet you feel good after the run when you've recovered, you're doing just fine, well done!

  • I am loving it Dave (once its over it seems especially nice!)

  • As others have already said - it's sometimes better to just breathe naturally. I could never time it with my footfall either!

    I find it really useful though to try and breathe deeply before you set off, and during the run. Try to blow your tummy up as you breathe which helps avoid stitches.

    Good luck! :)

  • Funnily enough I had my first stitch on that same run and the belly breathing certainly helped, Thanks!

  • I haven't been able to master timed breathing but I just breathe slowly and deeply while running. If I get out of breath I slow a little. I breathe well even on the warm up walk, think that helps too. I can't think about breathing for some reason! I've graduated, so must b doing ok I guess Julie

  • You're doing just fine. My breathing can easily still be poor on a run, and the more I think about it the worse it gets. You'll eventually hit runs where you're in the zone and it feels effortless - if only for a little while. For me these seem to come more often with runs over 5 k.

  • Thanks, The first few minutes are thee worst and then it seems to settle somewhat. Im going to try a little slower (if that is even possible without going backwards)

  • All of the above. Rather than focusing on your breathing perhaps try taking in your surroundings and distract yourself that way. Happy running :)

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