Nobody said it was easy...No one ever said it would be this hard.Oh, take me back to the start. (apologies to Chris Martin)

Hello everyone,

It has been almost 3 years since my last post. I finished the programme in October 2012 and our Canadian winter (and plantar fasciitis) conspired to stop my running altogether.

I have been on the treadmill a few times and kept active in other ways since then but did not start outdoor running again until this morning...

I thought that I was in pretty good shape as I workout daily so my estimate was that Week 4 would be the appropriate place to jump back into the programme. This was a bad idea. Apparently I am not in as good running shape as I thought. I could not complete the 5 minute runs. Oh dear.

I will restart again on Thursday at Week 3 (I think I can manage the 3 minute run).

Fingers crossed!

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Fingers crossed :-) expect you'll soon be back up to parr :-) Good luck!


Ah we are both in the same boat then! I restarted tonight at Week 2 after an enforced layoff following an operation. Week 2 was manageable... only just... see my post entitled Starting Over. Good luck and keep posting.


I will check out your post thanks! good luck to you too.


All the best canuck.


Welcome back , Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Thanks everyone! The weather here is beautiful and I am not too sore so I am looking forward to tomorrow.


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