Question for those with joints pain

Hi every one ..

Couple days ago i posted question about running and joint pain etc.. but today my question is bit different..

If you have tried one of those joint strengthening tablets (like Cod Liver Oil etc) have you found them any help - im looking for first hand feedback on any of those joint-pills and what has helped with pain during running, how long did it take to work ect. I've asked a pharmacist today- he said go online.. so here i am :-\

MoNi :-)


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28 Replies

  • Hi MoNi

    I'm not sure the Pharmacist meant this sort of online lol. I'm not a lover of putting anything other than Guinness in my body, so I cant advice sorry.

  • lol well.. i wanted to ask the (you) people that are running cuz they would know the pain and challenges of running.. :-P thanks for post tho.. good to hear from you :-)

  • LOL!!! That's my kind of medication (she says, topping up the wine glass). Cheers! (And hoping I won't regret it when I run tomorrow!)

  • lol and Cheers to you too my Lady. I'm off for my weekly quota of Guinness shortly. Have a glass for me.

  • Involuntary snigger, then Hussain, very funny :-)

  • funny enough I have been thinking about taking some cod liver oil tab's as I have had a problem with knee pain ,but that is being caused by other things ...

    I am not med expert but it can do any harm can it?

  • the pharmacist told me something about glucosamine(?) and to check that but he said u have to take it about 5-6 months before you notice any change.. :-\

  • I think it is a personal choice , some would swear by natural things, some by diet etc etc if it works for you go with it

  • I take codliver oil and glucosamine combined pills. I'm not sure they do anything for my joints, but my nails are great!

  • I could live with having nice nails too :D

  • Sorry to say that they never did a thing for me. A neighbour of mine recommend the regular consumption of the juice of squeezed limes. That didn't work either, but given its a benign thing to take, it might be worth a try.

  • thanks Rob! that's a good thing i'll look into that :-)

    PS just to say I read your bio! Well done! Very impressed with all the achievements in your list giving the health trouble u and ur Westie had/have!! Very inspiring! :-D

  • If it inspires you, then it served its purpose. For me (and Bailey, my Westie) we do not regard these things as troubles, but merely obstacles that life threw in our way. We found a way to move past them, I'm certain you'll do the same too.

  • I'd say it depends on the cause of your joint pain. Mine started in the joint between my big toe and foot and was AGONY at times such that I had to pull over while driving (it was my right foot). I ended up with a steroid injection into the joint, and was told it was basically a pre-arthritic condition (I was in my mid-30s at the time).

    Anyway, the point is that if I have lots of citrus juice, I find I can notice some pain in that and one or 2 other joints, and I thought it was fairly well known that citrus juices can cause the build up of whatever it is that can cause gout. I take glucosamine and don't care if it's "just a placebo".... the intense pain hasn't returned in that joint or started up in any others. Perhaps it would have been just a one-off, but I buy a year's supply at a time to bring out here and therefore it's fairly cheap and seems worth it to me.

  • All very true. Whatever works, works and no two people are the same. Much like running where I use those gel pack energy things because I think they work for me. Whether they really do or not, who can say?

  • My wife, who suffers from arthritis swears by glucosmine. However, it's not an instant relief. It takes months for them to work. On the occasions that she's stopped taking them though for one reason or another, she has had increased pain after about 2 to 3 months and is back taking them again. Glucosomine is not a quick fix.

  • Thanks Adam that was very helpful! :-)

  • healthy diet from the outset, lots of oily fish, flaxseed, etc. eliminate refined sugars and grains etc, usual stuff. If you fuel the body correctly in teh first instance, then the supplements are not really needed.

  • WOW thank you EVER so much for that post!! I never knew there could be connection between grains and joint pains. I just had a look at couple articles about it and it was very helpful! Thanks again!!

  • and potatoes can be quite bad too....

  • Really? Thats been always part of my diet :(

  • I am, unfortunately, severely allergic to anything that comes out of water. No fish or shellfish products for me (including glucosamine).

    I have ground flaxseed and sunflower seeds every day. And a fish free Omega 3-6-9 tablet to make up for it.

    I cant say it does anything for joint pain, but it is great for my skin and nails.

    My mum has arthritis and swears by Pernaton (made from green lipped muscles) but I can't speak from experience on that one.

  • Thanks for sharing, ill look more for that Pernaton. :-)

  • I have an arthtitic big toe and i take a daily omega 3 fish oil capsule which works in keeping the pain at bay.

  • I take glucosamine and cod liver oil, I still have joint pain but not as bad, I was recommended flaxseed in a health shop and I found adding a sprinkle to food every day did help too...... (It had an effect quite quickly too) I'm also worse if I've run too fast usually when I'm running with someone else and don't notice I'm doing it! Good luck trying to find the thing that helps for you!

  • I started taking glucosamine (as a last resort - as I very sceptical about it) and would have to say that I think it must be working as my knee pain has subsided. I also think it kicked in faster for me than the 5 to 6 months that people are mentioning.

  • I am 60 and was starting to get aches in my knees. A friend of mine is a physio and she told me to try glucosomine. She said evidence of what it can do is purely anecdotal but if I was going to take it I need to take 3000mg a day and try it for three months and then decide. Now I am as sceptical as the next man and think that pills like these are snake oil so have never imbibed. But I figured what's the worst that can happen? Also, 3000mg is way more than the suppliers tell you to take. All I can tell you is I run 2-3 times a week with very little joint pain. Would it be the same if I didn't take it? Is it a placebo? I for one am prepared to believe that it works for me so for now will continue my course. Good luck with what you decide to do.

  • I took glucosamine for about a year. It didn't really help with joint pain and when I stopped it didn't make any difference to my joints. When I stopped it did help my tummy problems.

    Be sceptical about glucosamine, but if it works or you...

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