new shoes

new shoes

We had a weekend away in Chester last weekend and decided to go along to the designer outlet for some retail therapy. I found the ASICS shop and while browsing for a cheap t-shirt was forced, FORCED, against my will, to try on these horrible things. I was then made to buy the damned things WITH MY OWN CREDIT CARD. It's terrible. I'll have to buy sun glasses. And they clash with my yellow running socks.

What's wrong with white or black? "Sorry sir, we only have size 12 in orange". "That's not orange, that's obscene". "Better to be seen than run over, sir".


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  • Whoa ! They are the flippin' dogs wotsits them , Cor what a pair of beauties ! :-)

    I love orange, its my favourite colour at the moment, that and purple .

    Brilliant choice and I hope they make you feel as if youre running on little fluffy clouds .

    Happy feet ! :-D xx

  • lol - I quite like them :)

  • I think they're great - much better than white or black. I commiserate for the lack of choice though - I have size nine feet and the only ladies' shoes I can find in big sizes here in France are generally very loud colours. I've decided to go with the flow and put lots of other garish colors with them - so that I can be found if I trip over and knock myself unconscious. Yes, I am that confident in my running skills.

  • Man, you could see those babies from Mars! LOL

  • These are fab! No hiding now!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  • I like those. Orange and black, very nice indeed :)

  • They look brilliant and just think of the 'K's you will run in them! And you will be seen from a long way off....

  • I ended up with plain white because of my foot lump thingy, I wanted something shocking - I want YOURS! Sulking now....enjoy!

  • You've been tangoed!

  • It's terrible how you can be forced into doing things like that. Poor you! Lovely shoes though ;) Happy running :)

  • Ooooooo.......

  • Hahaha I love these!!! Bright is the future!!!

  • Gives a whole new meaning to the term "hi-viz". They look like something that was first run over by a potato lorry and used by an evil mummy cat to teach her kittens how to handle road kill.

    Seriously, though, congrats with the new shoes. Bet they're nice and comfy :)

  • Orange is the new black - you are very 'on trend'! I think they're great, happy running.

  • I can imagine a trail of bees following you down the road thinking they have found a "mother load" of pollen. That will make you run faster in these babies.

  • Damn that pesky sales assistant for making you try them on, for taking your card out of your wallet and, presumably, hypnotising you to enter your PIN number.

    My fear would be that you have the fire brigade following you trying to dowse them as your running along.

  • Thanks everyone. Did parkrun today in my 'outside' shoes, but I'll try these in the gym on Monday. I hope they work, they cost enough, even with a decent discount. I've been eyeing them up for a while, just wasn't expecting anything quite that bright.

  • They make me think of a Tiger .... Grrrr ! :-D xxx

  • "'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar"

  • Hell Yes ! :-) xxx

  • You're O.K. the fashion police aren't allowed to take action against running shoes. They are exempt from good taste as they are making a statement that you need to wear them to run not to look good.

  • I love orange too...I used to always wear an orange sweatband. They are really lovely :)

  • Nothing that a good run in the mud wouldn't cure!


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