new shoes!

new shoes!

We spent the weekend in Nottingham. I even failed to go to parkrun. But I did go into TKMaxx, looking for clothes in my favourite brand. I managed to get two t-shirts, then passing the shoes I spotted a glint of green. They were a little bigger than I usually get, but they were very cheap. I bought them of course. So if you are in Nottingham and have big feet, there were at least two more pairs.

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  • Nice!!!!!!

  • great colour! :)

  • Ho Ho Ho Green Giant :-)

    Gorgeous runners there , love ' em . Fab colour !

    Good choice. Happy Running ! :-) xxx

  • makes a change from nuclear orange!

  • They look great! I like Brooks!!! Are they Pure Cadence?

  • adrenaline gts 14.

    I've been wearing them during the day to break them in. They are really confortable. I wouldn't have bought them, but the price was too good to miss <£40.

  • My favourite capris came from TKMaxx but I've never seen running shoes there, certainly not ladies. But I'm going to look extra hard next time! Fab shoes. I had the same model and loved them. Happy running!

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