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I think I'm going to fast?

Well this afternoon I decided to do my run 3 of week 6, it was tough going and all sorts of thoughts went through my mind half way round, like I'm going to stop, this is hard etc. Anyhow, I managed to keep going for the whole 25 minutes of running. When I stopped my running watch, I had completed 3.76 miles in 33:52 seconds which included the 5 minutes warm up time. mmm not sure I should be doing that, but I just can't stop it!

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Just run how your body tells you! Week 7 beckons - no more interval running, the only walks are warm up and down!

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So that is more than 5k - it does sound fast but if this feels natural for you then it must be right for you? if your body feels ok, your not getting dizzy and not out of breath panting. Sometimes it feels harder to run at a slower pace but it can be done and be enjoyable and not feel like a chore.

oh I'm out of breath alright, but I'm out of breath after the first 5 minutes lol. I struggle so much if I try to go slow, it just doesn't feel right to me. I was a sprinter in my younger days and its clear I think I still am. When I heard Laura say "you have run for 12 1/2 minutes I though, god, I'll never make it for another 12 1/2 minutes, I'm still not sure how I did.

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Running pace is irrelevant during C25K --- except insofar as the primary requirement of each days effort is to complete the assigned task without hurting yourself.

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I suggest you change your name lol! Seriously just do what feels comfortable. The c25k is about sustaining a run for 30 minutes..many of us don't manage 5 k in that time and that's fine. Just remember that if you are struggling slow down...and slow down agin...good luck with your running😊

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woo hoo, I'd say thats fantastic, keep at it, you are destined for speed, you will have a sub 20 minute 5k before long...well done :)

Thank you Juicy, I might need the air ambulance as well lol. I just can't help it, I think I'm taking it easy, but just don't feel right at to slow a pace. In my late teens and early 20's I was just over 11 seconds at my best for 100 meters and 22.5 for 200meters. But was never really a long distance runner.

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Those are ridiculously fast times! I don't think I've ever done a sub 20s 100m ;)

Just be careful. Once you graduate, you'll find lots of guidance about training involving different paces of runs. Most running should be done at an "easy" pace which means that you could carry on a conversation. Then you should mix in some intervals which involve fast "sprints" between slower intervals. I'm guessing you'll be one of the few who can actually sprint, although as it's for a minute at a time it might take you out of your comfort zone! And then there are tempo runs.

It's obviously going to take you a lot of discipline to get your body to run at an "easy" pace, but in the long term its' the best way to improve both your stamina and the speed with which you can run 5km or however far your target is.

Perhaps after you've kept up running for a certain length of time you could treat yourself to a heart rate monitor. That might help you work out how much effort you should be putting into your runs.

It sounds like you're doing great, and I don't want to discourage you at all. I have a feeling there might be a slightly competitive edge to you so I think you'll love park runs, and as long as you don't obsess about getting a pb every week I think you'll thrive!

By my calculation, you are averaging 9 minute miles, including your warm up, so your 5k time is 27:54 (in fact faster, if you take the warm up walk out of the equation) which is highly respectable and not many people achieve that in W6 of C25k. Congratulations. However, please don't push too hard, too soon or you will increase your risk of injury, and that really will slow you down. Try to keep your pace down for a couple of runs and only push on, say, the third one and you will feel the benefits. Good luck.

yeh, appreciate the advice Ian. I don't know why I just seem to find it difficult to run slow, I always have done. I didnt set out to break any records, just when I stopped the watch to see my time etc, those where the stats. Thanks anyway.

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I have exactly the same problem and it requires discipline to slow down. Slower pace is supposed to help you develop stamina better than running at a fast pace. I have never got to the bottom of the science behind this and I try to go with the prevailing advice of mixing up the pace and it is often written that most recreational runners spend too much time running in high heart rate zones.

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I find it difficult to run slowly too, but I'm not fit enough to get out of the street if I sprint, so one of my main goals is to run slowly to increase my chances of success and decrease the risk of injury. I find running with a friend helps, I tend to run faster when alone! Take care :)

Hi I'm running at the same speed not sure if it's too fast or not just enjoying.... Well done us😄

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