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Floating on a little fluffy cloud of happiness...... green badge please!!

I am a bit shocked to be writing this post after the ups and downs that have gone before! Tonight I trotted to the end of Week 9 Run 3 and can officially call myself a graduate!!

I have to admit, for a while there I thought I was too unfit for even Week 1 and I can still remember that raspy throat and sick to my stomach feeling after only the first 60 second stretch!

It took a bit longer than the 9 weeks, thanks to shin splints, a full-time job and a two year old, but I got there.

I'd like to thank my husband, daughter, all you c25k bloggers and my (now not so new!) running shoes for all the comfort and support! Sob, sob!

Keep on running!!

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Well done and congratulations! I'm one run off graduating too and it's took me a lot longer than 9 weeks [for lots of reasons] but nearly there! Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it isn't it?


Yay - well done you!! :-)


WELL DONE Tiddlywink - you've done it!

It won't sink in for a day or two.

Keep at it!

Mo x


Brilliant Tiddlywink - you do the Oscars proud :-)....

It's an amazing achievement isn't it and the wonderful thing is that we're all sooooo amazed when we get there. It all goes so fast in spite of the bad and scary times.

Congratulations, Sara :-)


Congratulations for sticking with it and getting to the end of the beginning. :>)


Fantastic! Well done. Keep running!


Well done to you and your determination! :)


Brilliant Tiddlywink, congratulations and welcome to the grad club!! Floating is such a good description of what you feel at this point; bottle it and enjoy the moment and the celebrations!

Sue x


Congratulations, Tiddly!! That is an amazing little cloud of happiness to be floating along on, isn't it!! :-) Enjoy every minute of the feeling, you have most certainly earned it!!

Now, how about a day or two of rest so that when that new "Graduate" badge pops up you will have all of the energy needed to give it a good shining? :-)

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



Yay, congratulations, you did it! Fantastic achievement :)


Woohoo, well done, congratulations, celebrate with a nice long soak in the bath and a glass of bubbly :) (Although the long soak may not be possible with a 2 year old :p )


Fantastic news, enjoy the feeling and start planning for your next mile stone :-)


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