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W8R1 - A bit chilly! ;)

Hello all! Well this morning after a 2 day break between runs (decided to give myself an extra day of recovery at this stage of the program), I embarked on my run!

I've been off work for 2 days, as I think I got a bit unwell from a flu vaccination and had 2 days of wave after wave of nausea, headaches and really yucky night sweats!

I was a bit nervous (as I am all the time when I progress to a longer run ), however I needn't have been. Yet again the different route must have confused my poor brain and distracted it from the usual thoughts of "hey stop, you should walk, how good would walking feel right now" and the time seemed to pass by nice and quick. I also decided to set Runkeeper with a pace I wanted to achieve so each 5 minutes she barked in my ear how long my run duration had been and how far off my pace I was. I got within 9 seconds of my desired pace, but obviously come cool down time, that time slipped away. I didn't really mind though, as I know that during the run I was close enough and that may have also spurred me on.

The big news was, that today was my first 'cold weather' run. Okay, yes, most of you are in the tropical UK right now but for us here in Far North Queensland, the attached pic shows that it was quite a chilly start for me. I actually put on a sleeveless (singlet we call it) top and walked outside and came back in and had to put a t-shirt on! Brr!

Anyway, that's my update for now.. graduation is looming and I'm very excited that I've come so far on this journey! Hooray!



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Thats brilliant Kel, not long to graduation now! That voice in your head sounds alot like mine, but you made it ! 😊


Thanks aliboo! I swear my head is the problem with everything I struggle to do. I'm probably more than capable but the doubt-gremlin creeps in and tries to convince me to take the 'easy' way out. Mind you, what's easy and what's right are not usually the same thing. I'm very glad I've started this program - it's taught me to push myself and that not having a go at something is failing, not having a go and it not going to plan! :)


Yep we are definitely the same! :x I'm very much a self doubter and its not done me any favours but I'm gaining confidence through this running lark ! Even got lift to work and ran/ walked back on sat, 15k, that by far my longest! Going to do it again this week! I call my gremlin a poisonous parrot, got taught that you have to flick him off your shoulder some years back, but not always easy ! 😂


Wow - that's super impressive about the 15km! Well done! You should be super proud. Ha, I really like that about the poisonous parrot.. he definitely needs a flick off my shoulder, and he can also stop doing his business on me too ;)

Hope the weather is super gorgeous for your next 15km! :) :)


Thanks! Think it might be a bit cooler this week which would be good, it was hot and windy last week !

Good luck for week 8run 2! Gremlins and parrots go take a jump! 😊better get upfor work now!I 😕


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