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week 6 / run 2

Hello all

I managed to do it today, but my pace really slowed down, terrible cramp after 8 mins, so had to stop. I left it 30 mins, had a glass of tonic water and tried again.

This time managed both 10 minute runs and the cramp was a lot less, funny thing is week 5 /run 3 seemed easier and that was 20 mins non stop, ah well onwards and upwards.


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week 6 has been known to catch a few out after the euphoria of week5 run3 , mark it down to experience and rock on :D

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I thought that run was awful as well. Think i posted about it ! For some reason the 2 x 10 mins was worse than the 20 minute run !! Stick with it. today I just did Week 8 run 2 (28 min run).


think nearly everyone hates week 6 run 1! i did certainly! :X well done on getting through it! :)


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