Is my badge ready?

Happy to report that I completed W9R3 this morning.

The run was always intended to be a nice gentle saunter and I completed 5k in 36 minutes 35 seconds which is nearly 6 minutes slower than I did the same route last week.

I am really happy to have completed the program, which I cannot speak highly enough of. With that said, I have to admit to it being a slight anticlimax just because I found the 30 minutes to be reasonably easy from week 7 onwards (I would have challenged you to a duel had you said that would be the case after the horror that was W6R2).

Anyhoo this is just the start of my running 'career' as I have boldly (or you can choose your own adjective) entered the Tonbridge Half Marathon in October and the Brighton Marathon in April next year and I still have to get a whole lot better before I am ready for those sorts of challenges.

I will be doing a 16-week training program for the HM which leaves me the next four weeks to do some experimentation (some might say "faffing about") which will be based on gradually longer slow runs but with some hills, intervals and playing around with heart rate zones. First up though is my Parkrun debut on Saturday when the intention is not to go for a gentle saunter but a for a full on balls out (pardon the expression), glory or hospital attempt to go under 30 minutes for 5k. I suspect it might be a tad beyond me at this stage but we'll see.

Speaking of heart rates, the only real item on my post Graduation shopping list is a Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor. It is a really nice piece of kit and I will do my best to get the most out of it.

I would like to thank everyone in this wonderful community for their help, support and advice. It really is invaluable and this forum is the perfect compliment to a brilliant program.


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72 Replies

  • Ah well done dunder, you've made a brilliant start. Amazing that you're headed for a half marathon, fair play to you! Keep us posted.....

  • Thanks sparky and I will do.

  • Many congratulations and good luck with your training.i am sure you will do great in your next challenges and moving forward with your running. Enjoy this day and really this is the start of many wonderful things to come - I hope you have a nice treat planned

  • Thank you Vix.

    Biggest concern is that my training coincides with the hottest of the weather. I know you have some experience of that (to put it mildly), any tips?

  • I wish I had a magic answer on that one. What helped me was:

    Keep well hydrated - everyday and I started drinking one glass of coconut water too.

    Put your water in the freezer before heading out so it's semi frozen, when it was mega hot my water was 90% ice. This will keep it cooler for longer.

    Invest in some running sunglasses.

    I overheated in a cap but those caps without the head cover (visor type thing-sorry don't know what they are called) came in handy and my partner use to turn his the other way to protect his neck-depending on the position of the sun.

    Invest in sweatbands!!

    I noticed in boots there is new active suntan lotion I don't know if it works but I bought back several bottles back to chile with me.

    My paced slowed down but I noticed now it's cool its has improved and then some.

    If you can run early in the morning (this didn't help me much as it was so hot) that is better. I never went out in the evening as it was far too hot.

    above all enjoy the british summer!!


  • Thanks Vix.

    I will take all of than on board.

  • Congratulations to someone on the lofty heights of the end of week nine..

    * waves from the lowly depths of week two*

  • Thanks AAM.

    You will be amazed by the progress you make. Some of the yards will be hard ones, there is no getting away from that, but there will come a time when things just click.

  • Look forward to it Dunder, as it has, obviously with you

  • Congratulations Dunder, glad to see you've got it all planned out, but I expected nothing less!

    All the very best with your future running adventures. :-)

  • Cheers OG. It's hard not to take inspiration from an even older git like you ;)

  • Fantastic. You do know, as fantastic as the C25K journey is, it's only the beginning! Such a wonderful world now open to you. I'm really enjoying it, and I've an idea you will too.

  • Thanks Steve. I am sure I will.

    The post graduation blues appear to be quite common so I have a few 'tasks' lined up for myself before I get into a proper training program.

  • I think it's a confidence thing as much as anything else. I've happily got into a pattern of running that really suits me. I can vary it from time to time, but it gives my week shape.

  • Well done Dunder, happy running

  • Thank you Coddfish.

  • Trumpet fanfare, party poppers, champagne corks flying, pom pom girls with ra-ra skirts on (me, Pops, Ancient Mum and Co)! Cue music, cue lights, autocue, "it is with great pleasure ........blah blah

    Suffice to say "well done Dunder, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay"! and a "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha" Now with no more adore cut the cake!!!!!

    Marathon! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Are you nuts?

    Hee hee x

  • Thanks MissW, much appreciated.

    Nuts? Probably but I prefer to think of it is merely ambitious. "Ambitious but rubbish" it may well prove but we'll see.

  • Yay, congratulations 🍻 its my graduation run day today eeek ! Just got up from my night shift and have to take my little boy to a hospital appointment. So I won't be doing it until this evening. Not ran in the evening before, but I'm sure it will be fine. Good luck with all those plans 👏 👍

  • Thanks Niknok and all the best. I am sure you will smash it - late evening is probably best to get the best of it temperature wise.

  • Yay !!!!! Many many Congratulations to you Dunder . Have a balloon ! :-)

    I am so pleased for you xxx

    It feels like you've been a graduate for ages somehow and that you've been on the board for yonks ha ha :-)

    You've set the bar with your goals, ( fab to have a goal I think ). You can maybe just consolidate for the time being and then get stuck into your preparation and training .

    Congratulations !

    Onwards, always xxxx

  • Thanks pops, what a lovely balloon!

    It is kinda hard to believe that it is only 11 weeks since I joined this forum but at the same time the actual running has flown by - what's that all about?

    With the exception of Parkrun on Saturday, I won't be pushing it too hard. Even when I get into the HM training the first few "Pre-conditioning" weeks are all about slow 5K and 7K runs.

    Many thanks for your support and encouragement. xx

  • Great stuff Dunder !

    You have fitted in so well here, it has been a pleasure following your progress !

    Oh and I have booked the marching Brass Band to parade past your house for about 4 o' clock this afternoon , best warn the neighbours ha ha :-D xxx

  • That's great - how thoughtful.

    I assume it's a northern band so I trust you've told them we only want upbeat stuff and none of that 'Hovis' music ;)

  • Oh no !

    They only have the music sheets for "Ilkley Moor Bah 'tat " and the " Hovis " music, sorry.

    Plus , they could do it at a cheaper price , you know what us Northerners are like ha ha :-D xxx

  • "Accrington Stanley?! who are they?"

  • Exactly ! :-D xxx

  • Woop woop look at that lovely badge 😆😆😆

  • Yes ! you got there ! Well done, I really look forward to your 'death or glory' park run report but don't do anything so reckless as to scupper your hm later this year....Happy running !!!

  • Thanks Henpen.

    Death or glory? Who mentioned that? I was merely thinking about limping and panting into an A&E. Rest assured finishing in one piece will always be my only real priority - good news from Gordon the Garmin will just be a nice bonus.

  • OOOh, what a beautiful badge. Looks just right next to your name. Hip hip hurray for Dunder... I'm very impressed by your plans. I'm sure you'll tick the 5K in less than 30 minutes box with lots of balls and no hospital :D I'm glad to have crossed your path on this forum - as far as I'm concerned, you've given as much in the way of support to we other runners as the forum gave you, if not more. So hip hip hurray for Dunder! :-)

  • Many thanks mfam.

    Those feelings are very much mutual.

  • Well done - congrats! Good luck with your new training programme, but don't go too mad as many, many of us on here did post graduation - there lies the quickest route to the injury couch!!

    Keep posting too please.

  • Thanks useit and I promise to only go a little bit mad and I will be sticking around.

  • Well done, Dunder!!

    I was looking for your graduation run on Garmin this morning but must have been too early!

    Onwards and upwards :)

  • Thank you Frocky.

    I had planned to go out early this morning but had to deal with a work related mini-crisis. Don't these people realise that I have plans?

    Onwards indeed but upwards sounds too much like hills.

  • Wow Dunder - no shortage of ambition there! Congratulations on graduating and good luck with the next stage of your running journey!

  • Thanks Ully. It would have been much tougher without the virtual pats on the back from good folks like yourself. x

  • That's kind - but you did all the real graft!

  • I am tempted to join you on the start line in Brighton! Bit of a challenge but I like something to work towards!

  • Do what you think is right for you Nick. I have my own reasons for wanting to do that distance but the training.............. have you seen the training?

    It would be great to have a buddy if you are up for it though.

  • target number one has always been Berlin Marathon 2016. I have put myself down for the London Marathon ballot for 2016 and Brighton is about the same time, so may sign up a bit later on. We shall see!

  • Yeah I forgot about your ballot entry. Brighton entries close on 9th June according to the website.

  • and re the training - it is a big commitment but you'll be surprised how far you can get on the longer, slower runs with the correct pacing

  • Yay!!!! Well done Dunder!!! I'm really pleased for you 😀 I also wanted to say a big thank you, you are a real inspiration to the boards - always helpful with great advice!

    Wishing you a long and happy running career :)

  • Thanks juju.

    "Slow down" and "apply frozen peas" are just about the limit of the advice I am able to dispense at this point. It just so happens that this covers most of the queries raised :)

  • Hahaha well it's still good solid advice 😉

  • Well done! Enjoy that badge - you've earned it!

  • Thanks Arrietty.

  • Woo woo woooooo nice one!!

  • Thank you Op15.

  • really well done Dunder , the badge looks nice and shiny on you :D

  • Thanks Rob. Fingers still crossed for your recovery.

  • Thanks Dunder , so far so good :)

  • Well done dunder nice to see that badge after your name!! ☺

  • Thanks jules. Not surprisingly, I completely agree!

  • Brilliant well done

  • Thanks Zoe :)

  • Yay dunder! Fireworks at dusk for you😊! Thats brilliant that you have comitted to the half/ full marathon, I'm kind of tempted to put down for a hm myself, got a 10 miler in october....hhhm ! Wel done, look forward to the parkrun report! Good luck😊

  • Thanks ali.

    I am sure you will sail through your 10 miler.

  • Hooray!! Well done you, and PARKRUN is a fabulous way to celebrate.... And I love it that you have new goals, that's exactly the spirit. I was so similar, I entered my first HM in October having graduated in April so a bit further off than you, but it's very doable.... I'll be watching your progress .....

  • Thanks JJ.

    I am really looking forward to the half marathon not least because if the worst comes to the worst I have walked that distance in a respectable time before. The marathon is completely unknown territory albeit I do have a lot more time to get ready.

  • Congratulations! Good luck with all your training, it's great to have goals to aim for and I'm sure you'll ace it just like you have c25k :D

  • Thanks LF. I hope you are right. :)

  • Congratulations!!!!!! A slow saunter is perfect preparation for a "peg it" attempt at Parkrun. Good luck and enjoy :)

  • That was the plan and I will do my best.


  • High FIVE Dunder! Congratulations - the real fun begins now.

  • Thank you TT - let's hope so. x

  • Congrats Dunder, good luck with your future running. My grad run scheduled for tomorrow morning - not so sure about it being easy though. I did R2 of W9 yesterday and it was a bit of a 'mare for me. Still, no such thing as a bad run.....

  • Thanks JM.

    All the best for tomorrow. Relax, take it easy and try to enjoy it. I am sure you will be fine.

  • Well done. 😊

  • Thanks Lou.

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