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Well, I ran week 9 run 2 tonight. I can honestly say if it is any comfort to anyone, I never find any easy. I always get negatives going through my mind when I first set off. But, I manage it, so if this sounds like you, push on, you can do it. For the record, I ran for 30m 48 seconds and covered a distance of 3.43 miles, maybe that's why I never find a run easy. Some of you think its fast, I think its slow, I wont be happy till I can cover 5k in at least 24 minutes, then I might be happy, but that's just me. When I first started running again in November, I never thought I would do 5k without stopping, I started park runs before starting C25K, then to a step backwards. For those of you who doubt yourselves, don't, I can honestly say, this is a very good plan and if followed, WILL work. So good look to all my fellow C25Kers, you can as have been told "do it" Roy Castle used to say, DEDICATION, is what you need, if you want to lose weight, you can do it, if you want to run, you can do it, don't let anybody tell you, oh you'll ruin your knees, oh you look silly. The ones who look silly are those who are still on the sofa, unless of course, they have a good excuse. To those who have responded to some of my daft posts, thank you, to those who have inspired me, thank you. I've one last run to do and have no doubts its a formality, so thank you all, and push on.


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11 Replies

  • Hey good luck with your last run! Don't push yourself too much with the speed. You are a touch slow, but so was I, and I'm so glad I just managed to avoid injury. It would be worse to push too hard too early and sprain something - this is all about sustainable exercise and fitness, not a race against the clock.

    Let us know how you feel when you've done the last run. If you're feeling this excellent now you'll be off your head when you finally finish it :)

  • Wow that's fast, I'm covering the 5k in about 33 mins and that's with 3mjns walking at the start while I sort out me wires and set up endo mondo. You must be flying!! Anyway you're nearly there, I'm sure you'll be brilliant!

  • It'll come Hussain, you are going mighty fast!

  • lol thanks old git, I'm not really. I run park run with a friend of mine I went to school with many years ago. To put it into perspective I run it in 27m 30 seconds, he runs it in 20m 30 seconds and its a damned hilly course. Now that's fast!

  • You are doing fantastic and so, so fast!! I still haven't managed a 5k under 30 ever!!! But I can run forever with a slow steady plod. I am sure your last run will be just a formality and have no doubt your competitive spirit will take you places. Good luck and hope we hear more of your exciting running journey. Go for it!

  • Hi Carole

    Hope you are well? That's very kind of you, but honestly, I don't consider it fast lol. I hope to go faster as my joke username suggests I was a fast sprinter as a lad, I more a wannabe today. This program as been fantastic and helped me no end improve. Thank you once again for your kind words.

  • Well done :-D Very happy for you! How was the parkrun that you showed my pics of?

  • Hi Mon

    Yeh park run was good, but not as quick as I would like lol. The hills still kill me although I can run further before I have to walk a little up the first hill. How are you doing?

  • hills - ouch ... lol

    eeh.. my run the atoher day was another epic fail... i posted update w6r1.. not very happy about it.. it was so much diff than the treadmill(not in a very good way) and my headphones got in the way .. my thighs, knee and ankle hurt a bit so instead a day im gonna wait 2days till the next attempt for w6r1 to make sure i complete the day.. i'll probably be ok to do it tonight if not def tomorrow..

    I bet you are excited to do ur final run!! :-) :-) Take a pic or video for the memory box! it be great to share it :-)

  • lol I can't multi task, I'm male remember. ok, I'll take some of the route before I start the run. Are you still using myfitnesspal?

  • Very good read, HB. And yes, the real Bolt is feeling the pressure, with that kind of speed and determination. Extraordinary stats there, and good luck with all the goals.

    I have also been recently thinking of pushing the limits once I find myself stable with running after an Ultra marathoner chatted up with me the other day for quite long. Hearing his determination, goals and achievements, I've been spurred to push the limits; and like you said, "Blessed are those who shall run, for they shall not look silly" :-D

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