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week 6 / run 1 funny little thing!

Hello all

I usually leave it 3/4 days between runs, but clever me thought " ok back to intervals" this should be easy enough!!!! so I will do it within 48 hours!!!

The main thing is I did complete it!!! I think the problem is you think you have got past this point and then you realise it is all about conditioning your mind as well as your body!!

My walking pace is 3mph, run 1 3.5mph, run 2 3.3mph and run 3 3mph, I thought I could try to run faster for the first run and it nearly caught me out. my total distance covered inc the walks was 1.73 miles, which is my furthest distance covered so far.......... but it is a funny little thing!!!!


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Ha! Those intervals after the 20 min solid run are surprisingly tough, and bring you down to earth after the high of completing week 5. Don't get cocky, don't try to overreach yourself, just take it easy and comfortable. You've got the 25 minute run the session after next!


my stamina wasn't too bad. but my calfs were aching, never stopped aching from week 1.


I call it The Curse of Week 6. It's probably the hardest week (yes worse than wk 5) but after that it's plain sailing.


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