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W9R3 Complete!

Yeah! Week 9 Run 3 Over! And that seemed so much easier than W9R2, despite (or perhaps because of) the headwind and drizzle. And I see from my splits that I also put in a significant improvement in times compared with the previous few runs, 5k in 29:32, my first sub 30 minute this time on the programme and just 5 seconds off my PB from last time I completed C25K so feeling really quite smug.

The 'light at the end of he tunnel' certainly gives you that extra boost, and just goes to emphasise just how much of mental game this whole running thing really is.

I have to admit that I more or less stuck to my 1 run a week - initially out of necessity but latterly from routine. I wish I'd upped to to twice a week when the days got a little longer as I'm sure it would have been easier but if you're struggling with 3 runs a week it just goes to show that you can complete the programme with fewer runs over a longer timeframe - just keep at at it!

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Congratulations - you should feel proud particularly as you've had to stick at it for an extended period. Cracking time too!

Now to plan lots of lovely running adventures.


Well done! Congratulations on your achievement. Happy running from here on in.


Thanks Ullyrunner - I hadn't actually given any thought to what comes next. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Laura but looking forward to some better music! Now I've finally found a good 5k route I think I need to start working on a plan to work on my pace a bit more...


Well done and congrats JBB.


Congratulations! Great pace! :D


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