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Yeah week 9 complete

I've been running outside for most of the programme but was away at the weekend and decided to do the final run in the hotel gym. I'd been struggling with the longer runs but found it so much easier on a treadmill. I kept adjusting the speed and gradient but didn't struggle at all with breathing or stamina so feel like I've finished on a high. So where do I get my graduate badge from? x

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Congratulations on your brilliant achievement.

There is a link on the left of your screen, or click here and follow the instruction.

Looking forward to seeing your badge


Thank you, I've applied for my badge :) x

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Fantastic achievement. Well done on graduation.

Happy running. Xxx


Thank you xx


Yay!!! Well done you!!! I spy a shiny badge!!!! Now the fun begins!!! Enjoy!!!! Xx


Thank you x


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