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Week 6 update

Week 6 update

Run 2 completed and it was hard work but I feel good about it - tried to push myself a bit and went a little bit further and a little bit faster. More importantly though I really got into my rhythm for the second run and felt like I was running rather than plodding along! I went for a push at the finish and was totally out of breath. 2 minutes into the cool down walk I realised I was breathing normally again which just made my day, it's been years since I was fit enough to recover that quickly from exercise.

Then I logged into facebook and this popped up in my advert feed (see pic above) which I think is a bit cheeky as facebook haven't even seen me run!

Anyway, I was scheduled to do week 6 run 3 today but I've woken up with the aching elbows and ankles that foretells a flare-up of the autoimmune tendonitis thingy I get occasionally so I'll be having a few extra days break and lots of ibuprofen to head that off then I'll be tackling the 25 minute run :) whoop!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday, TTFN.

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Well done. Keep plugging away. I was out running this morning and it was really quite cold. Still it wasn't raining so can't complain

Just take the medication last off at night when you muscles are at rest

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