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Week 6 begins

Just completed run 1 of week 6. Still feeling really positive after the 20 minute run 2 days ago. What a beautiful spring morning it was - beginning to feel a bit warmer now although I nearly slipped on some ice!!

I found the 1st 5 minutes really difficult breathing wise but then this seems to settle. Reassured by my sporty son that he has this problem too. The remainder of the run it was my legs that felt the burn. However, after the 8 and the 2nd 5 minute run I did feel like I could have continued for longer so I must be getting fitter - I even ran up a little hill on purpose (i.e. it wasn't part of the planned route). :D

The most annoying thing about this morning's run was the iPod headphones - get having to fiddle with them. Can anyone recommend some really good alternatives to the standard Apple headphones for running?

Good luck to everyone if you're running this weekend :)

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Well done Helen. You are definitely getting fitter. :-) As for the headphones I just use the ones that go in your ears, and if I feel it might be getting loose I just give it a little push. :-)

Good luck for run 2. :-)


You can get those earphones with over ear clips to supposedly keep them in place when running which come in various shapes and sizes - similar to:

I can't vouch for those though, I've never used them. I just use caz1_ca's technique.


Personally I dislike the apple headphones as I am pushing them back in every few minutes. I bought some stenheisser (?spelling) headphones that go round the back of your head. I find them comfy for my little head and never need to adjust them. Pricey at £35 but worth it.

Happy running


I would also vote for Sennheisers. Mine are similar to these:

They're quite dear but well worth the investment, in my opinion.


These are similar to mine, highly recommended.


Those look great. I have the sort that hook over my ears, but without a hat they fall off, so I need an alternative - or a headband.


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