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1 KLm repeats at Parkrun

Having set a new PB at Parkrun last weekend , I have a whole new set of paces to do my different training runs (For this I use the Jack Daniels pace calculator .

So my easy/long runs during the week were done at 7:50 - 8:00 mins per K - and today I did 5x1 klm Tempo pace repeats with 1 minutes walk in between them. Tempo pace is done about 15 seconds per K slower than previous fastest race pace. This meant my time at parkrun was 2 minutes slower than last weeks PB - but that is the way it should be. From what I have seen - too many PB attempts at Parkrun leads to injury.

This will be my last "hurrah" at parkrun for 2 months - I hope I can keep my fitness level up while away from home :(

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That sounds sensible, we don't need to get a PB every time we run...Where are you off to this time?


2 weeks, Hawaii, 3 weeks Palm Springs, 2 weeks tour of US West Coast National Parks - no Parkruns in US anywhere we are going


Oh sounds awful, poor you! Have fun! xx


Safe journey Bazza.


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