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Finished W2R3 Hoorah!

Managed to get the 3rd run of Week 2 done, it went well, was much easier than Run 1 & 2 of the week. I've slowed down my walk and the legs are coping much better now.

Motivation is my biggest enemy though, so I'm considering not taking 2 days off for weekends and just taking 1. Laura isn't clear on if we should or not, and I find it easier to keep going every other day.

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Well done MM.

Running again on Sunday is fine.


Congratulations on completing wk2.

As you have discovered, success is partly down to adjusting pace etc to what suits you.

One day off between each run is fine, if you feel good to go again so soon. I think the '3 runs per week' description is just for simplicity's sake, and so that people can have 3 set days on which they run. For many people that kind of set routine is easier to accommodate into their other activities, and easier to stick to.

I find 1 or 2, sometimes 3 rest days suits me, depending on how I feel and what else is going on, but then I have quite an unstructured life ;-)

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Sticking to a routine is important, as is making sure you recover between runs. Many people can run every day, others need longer between runs. You may find your own needs change as you get further on and are running for longer. Listen to your body, but don't lend the mind gremlins put you off! Good luck.


When I started I often needed 3 days between runs - so listen to your body, it knows better than your mind :)


Well done on completing week 2.


Well done! I love these types of posts - I have the third run of week 2 to do over the weekend and it cheered me up no end that it was easier the 3rd time!! Makes me want to get my running shoes on right now!

I also found that slowing my pace down, especially on the first 90 seconds, really helped.


It can make all the difference in the world when you slow down enough. I've always walked quite fast, but it does me no good on these runs.


I did alternate days after a few weeks of the programme. Worked for me!


You know I am feeling the same. Laura said three times a week so there must be a reason. Still, I will probably go for alternating days eventually.


Thanks for all the responses an encouragement! I did the Sunday run and it went well, a couple of times Laura said to slow down and I was surprised, because I thought I had much longer to go.


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