W7 R1 done

That was tough, very tough. I know it was the same as W6 R3. Same conditions, but it was much harder.

Didn't come through this with flying colours. If it was an exam, it was a scrape pass.

I can only hope the suffering must be contributing to building up strength and stamina.

Two more of these on week 7 to practice with.

I'd rather not just "complete" the c25k 9 weeks, I want to be a be able to do the 30 mins without being shattered.

When does it get to the point where you can do 30 mins without being totally wasted?

Looking at some of the other runners out and about, none look anywhere near as distressed as me.


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6 Replies

  • It sounds rather like you're trying too hard and need to slow your pace down! Your strength, stamina and confidence will build quickly, and by your next week, you'll be almost there. Ease off and enjoy these runs!

  • It depends how slow you go. I'm not a speed merchant - I can happily run at 7.40 min/k all day (possibly slight exaggeration), but if I go at 7.00 min/k I have to have the odd walk break during my runs. We're all different - that's just me. So you need to find your 'comfortable' pace for non-stop runs and once you graduate you can muck about with speeding up and intervals and stuff.

  • I'm not sure it does get any easier, but the funny thing is, I always find the first 5 minutes after starting the hardest, I have these thoughts go through my mind "this is hard, I should stop now" my legs are aching" etc. I after counter this by saying, I'm not stopping yet, if I stop now I've wasted an opportunity to tick this one off. In the end I push on and make it to the distance. But I would not as yet say I have found it easy. But if anything worth doing was easy, everybody could do it and it would be no sense of achievement. So well done and keep doing what you are doing.

  • It does get easier, but it takes time. I do 3 or 4 runs every week. The intervals hurt, because I push myself and run longer, and the parkrun is more the mental task of not giving up, but the odd easy run (I probably don't do enough of those) is easier than it was.

    I posted a very similar message after graduating and I hope next week to do parkrun at a leisurely pace and enjoy it instead of beating myself up trying to get in under 30 minutes.

  • I found w7 the toughest, probably because there is no hiding from it all being continuous running from now, so the brain has a bit of a fit. As others have said, it takes a bit of time to settle into a run and feel comfortable, and I find you have to stop yourself going off too fast at the start / giving up at the first obstacle etc etc. I am not sure I could yet say I enjoy running, but I enjoy being outside, I enjoy the sense of achievement and enjoy the physical benefits. Just wish I was less achey!

  • I have just finished w7. I found r1 very difficult although it was very windy. I only managed about 15 mins and then walked back. I spent the rest of the day annoyed with myself. I have since done 3 runs, 25 mins, 27 mins and 30 mins. I have found the increasing distance ok, although I do return home a bit beetroot red!

    The first few minutes are spent persuading myself that I can do the run and how good it will be to.have a lovely shower and then I get into my stride and feel I can keep going for ever.

    Good luck and you will soon be graduating

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