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W6R3 .... That took a lot of puff!

Really I thought I was fit .... That must come with practice .... So even although I did actually Jog for 25 minutes im not going to lie it was with a lot of pufft panty and the face colouring wasn't exactly flattering .... Probably as my alarm didn't go off in time I basically rolled out of bed, clocked the time, swore a bit, dawned the jogging gear and threw myself out the front door .... But the main thing is ... I doned it!! 25 minutes you dancer!! As a side note MapmyRun App has been binned what a terrible app for the andriod for running pufft crap can I say that on the website? Rubbish huge big steaming pile of rubbish! ... So going to enjoy the rest of the weekend with the kids and look forward to Sunday's Run 😊

Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend and good run sessions xxxx

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Well done xsmokey, you did doned it!

Runkeeper for android is pretty good.


I'll have to give that one ago, the other one went daft this morning and paused after 3 seconds and I didn't notice till I stopped the 25 minute run .... Only happen to me that! ... An to be honest the app was saying my runs where 6km long ! 🙈 But 25 mins yay 😆


Well done on your 25 minutes, I still huff and puff after nearly 5 years and my face colour is never to be photographed, its far too scary!!!!

I use but its for iPhones, good reports from this one though

Well done


Thank you xxx


Well done! Another one in the bag - it's all good from here on in :-)


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