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Took a week off....early pregnancy fatigue setting in!

Had such a rubbish run last sunday following a tough run on the thursday and I am so tired and bloated and uncomfortable and my knees feel wobbly (true story ha ha!) Also the running initially was helping the morning sickness but on sunday I nearly vomited halfway round! So gave myself a rest but now scared to get going again! I am now 8 weeks and have the all clear from the docs to crack onto the end of the programme (officially 4 runs left, reality will be a few more!) and I not running has really affected my mood but was so rubbish last sunday I don't want to start again and feel useless :-( Am planning a 20 min run tomorrow, then the next one on weds 25 mins then back up to 28 mins where I left off! Feeling sad that I haven't kept it up which is ridiculous as I have been feeling soooooo tired! Which begs the question,,why am I not in bed at 11pm?!

One thing I have realised though I NEED to run! Makes everything feel so much better and I sleep better too!

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Being pregnant and still wanting to complete the program . . . Fantastic, why on earth would you ever feel useless.

Maybe if the distance or time running is difficult being pregnant you need to set yourself new targets outside of c25k.

Maybe look to run what is comfortable every other day, this will stil get you out running and prepare you for post baby when you can get back into it fully again


Congratulations on the pregnancy! Well done for continuing with the programme. I agree with simshaz, perhaps you should just run what you feel comfortable with. Now, more than ever, it's important to listen to your body and act on any feedback, so that you don't introduce any injuries. If you feel like resuming the programme, then great, but be gentle on yourself on days when you don't want to run or you just fancy a 15 minute jog around the block.

take care x


How lovely that that you are keeping yourself tip-top fit while pregnant! Many congratulations lucykate :)

Now some tips from an older mum and grandmum:

If you are tired, rest - it's your body talking to you. In these early weeks its making lots of adjustments.

Your hormones will be all over the place too - I don't think there's a run invented to allay these, so your moods will swing too - another little trick of Mother Nature to prepare you for the rest of your life!

Be kind to yourself and babylump, at the moment the world probably won't be aware of your precious bundle, so tread carefully and steadily and slowly. As you grow your balance changes so you will be more liable to trip and fall. The insoles in your shoes will be working overtime too - I remember chucking away shoes after my pregnancies as the heels/soles were worn out and completely squiffy ;)

Your pectoral and pelvic muscles are really preparing for increased workloads, so support everything to the max to avoid stretch marks and damage - both take ages to repair fully. Slow, gentle jogging is all you should worry about for a while.

When you've completed the C25K challenge - and you will :D why not consider altering your routine to brisk walks once your babylump is visible and heavier. There is some beautiful countryside close to you and you will have the whole summertime to explore it. Great for the moods too!

The running will still be there once babylump appears and I reckon there will be loads of supporters on here to provide hints for running with a buggy etc LOL

Loads of good wishes for your completion of C25K very soon and more especially for the months ahead. You sound determined and sensible, so have yourself a few months of indulgence and blissful happiness while babylump develops ready to arrive for your Christmas. Take care, Linda x


Thank you LInda, what a lovely post! I have already bought myself some new gel insoles and that really helped today with a back twinge I have been having and hopefully will be good as I get fatter! I put on a week 7 run today and planned to see if I could make it to 20 mins and see what happened. I also adjusted my route so only gentle hills and I went VERY slowly which I think was the problem on sunday...too fast! And I was able to go quite quick at the end! So feeling very pleased! Next run on weds evening as I work mon-weds as a teacher so wed evening is the next time i am not doing anything! Going to go for 28 minutes and see how i do! I think once I am bigger I may get my bike out for a bit and then go to walking when that gets too tricky! I had pelvic girdle pain with my last pregnancy which I hear tends to repeat itself so I expect to have to stop at some point! My main goal is to run race for life in June when I will be 16 weeks, after that I want to just keep fit!

After todays run my mood has improved 100%......I am very tired now though and have a report deadline to meet for tomorrow...yikes!


I have just reread this and I forgot to say how I actually did on my 25 min run today...I did 26 mins and could have done more but then i would have had to walk further home and my husband was cooking a roast LOL!


Hi lucykate,

I had pelvic girdle pain(spd/ pds) whatever they call it now with my first one so badly that. I was hospitalised for 6 weeks at the end as I couldn't walk, to recover I did Pilates . it was a very slow recovery process, still on crutches when baby was 8weeks and crying with the pain... but carried it on through my second pregnancy with some Physio to check my pelvis was aligned properly and despite the warnings of it often being worse second time round I went full term at home... And recovered a lot quicker.

I admire you for running and I'd give the Physio -and Pilates a thought as it was a huge help!, prevention better then cure and all that!

Good luck :-)


Gosh you had a bad time, mine wasn't as bad as that, thankfully! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am now 35 so expecting to find it a bit more tiring! Good to know I may escape the PGP this time. Also I had a foot operation this time last year which has solved some of my general hip pain which I have had since I was a teen so hoping that may help as my hips are better generally, we'll see! I did pregnancy yoga last time (with the pgp!) which I hope to repeat and my instructor also did post natal so definitely worth considering!

Thanks for your reply

Lucy x


I'll tell you what i do need though....a new sports bra! Won't be squeezing into this one much longer!


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