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W6r3 and the demons in my head got the better of me


Week 6 has definately been a tricky one for me as i have struggled with every run this week. Despite the demons i had managed to complete them until today. Ran 23 of the 25 minutes. But had to have a little walk 18 minutes in.

I'm thinking I will not let this get me down, i ran 23 minutes! That's 23 more minutes than I could run 6 weeks ago. I will move onwards and upwards and will crack the 25 minutes run as I move into w7r1

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You did really well! Try slowing down a little, it really helps. Distance isn't important. Run as a slow as you need to to complete the run. Good luck! 😁


Well done for carrying on you could have given up altogether! Keep going and definitely go slow 😍


Hey!!! You’ve done amazing! I did mine today and also found it extremely challenging! Legs hurt throughout and barely made it myself!! Keep going! I’m with you Xxx


Don't let a small relapse let you down. There's no deadline and you can take as long as you need. If you need to repeat a run, so what!! Another run on top of the ones you've done and still to do after you graduate, is nothing in the greater scheme of things.

Well done; you kept going. You will get there :)


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. During the run I felt like I was running really slowly. But when I got home I found i was slightly quicker than I have done previous runs. Will just have to be less worried about being slower than slow and got for the 25 minutes.

Dee_NGraduate in reply to SANDI_runs

I was practically hobbling in parts!!

TortoiseRegretsHareGraduate in reply to SANDI_runs

And it’s not a competition either - so whatever pace you do it at is the right pace - doesn’t matter if other people go faster or slower, it’s only what works for you that counts. And if that means having a bit of a walk then - so what. You finished and there’s always the next run. So you should be proud of yourself.


Sometimes we forget that it's only been 6 weeks and forget to celebrate what we have achieved so far. You are doing fab and you'll smash wk7. 😊

In terms of speed I'm the slowest there is I think as sometimes I know I'm running but it doesn't feel like I'm covering any distance lol

I did 2.55km tonight in 28 mins so that's about just over 10mins a km - I see people posting half that and just think I'd die if I tried to go that fast.😁

SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Bandit14

Thanks Bandit I feel a little better about what feels like my sloth like pace now!


Oh god , don’t let it worry you at all. I was the same and still am, even if my little walks are only about 30 seconds. I hate that little fizzing feeling in my legs. I just need a micro walk, but if it means I go further in the long run, I’ll take that any day. And if mentally it allows me to get out because I don’t hate it, then that’s even better again.

SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jandotty I will try the 25 minutes over the weekend, but won't feel so bad about my micowalk if I really have to. I will get there


Just treat your little walk as a slow run. You have done great. And don’t be too hard on yourself 👏👏


Running down the clock is hard. Physically you are definitely capable after completing all previous runs. These longer runs are testing mentally. You have never run this far before and those little gremlins in your head have the upper hand in convincing you that you can't. You CAN!

SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Thanks Whatsap. I will get there! Hopefully over the weekend x


Thanks Shaky I had just managed to run every run til this one, so this is my first one that I had to take a break. I am a bit of a perfectionist - if a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well - so this run for me I didn't do so well. I will try to be less harsh on myself 😀

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