Wk 4 run 2 was a shocker !!

I managed run 1 not so bad, so really pleased with myself I took my trainers on holiday to Scotland with me all set to do run 2 along the sea front .... I ran in the morning but normally I run at night and the wind was strong but I never expected it to be so hard I couldn't complete the 5 min run and felt really disappointed. Arrived home today my husband thought I was mad putting my trainers on and completed Week 4 run 3 loads better than run 2.

I guess I must be a night runner or I take my hat off to all you guys running in Scotland cos it was tougher on my legs they felt like lead lol !!

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  • It could have been the time of day or the conditions but it is equally possible that it was just a bad day 'at the office'

    Glad you got over it on the next one.

  • I know how you feel after struggling up some big hills tonight! I believe the phrase is "character building" !!

  • running in the wind is NEVER easy, the voices in my head tell me on a windy morning not to bother, but I have to keep telling myself, it could very well be windy on the day of the race for life in June, and its along the prom in Rhyl!! So I need to be able to run in the wind just in case!

  • Actually I am the same with a specific time of the day for a run. I am a morning person and run at first light. I love the freshness and quiet and on the way back the birds greet me. It is for me a fantastic way to start the day. I am then ready for everything coming my way. Go runners !

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