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What to do next?

3 months ago if someone had suggested that I'd be running 3 times a week and able to run non-stop for nearly half an hour...

In addition to being able to run for that period of time, my main aims of being able to run short periods without any breathlessness and also being able to sing longer phrases without breathing have been met.

For those just starting out, I'd recommend finding someone to at least make sure you run, if not to actually run with you. My wife and I have at times both been the mean ones who have dragged the other out onto the field - couldn't have done without each other (ah!)

If you've got to the end of the Couch to 5K programme, what are you doing next? Continuing to run 3 times a week? Aiming to improve your 5K time? Joining a parkrun? Signing up for a 5K/10K race?

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Firstly, congratulations with getting to this point. It's a great achievement!

What do you do after c25k? Well... you go for a run, obviously ;-)

Seriously, though, I think there are as many strategies as there are graduates. I signed up for a 10k and a HM the day after graduating because I'm the type of person who needs both a carrot and a stick to get myself out of the door. If I was doing it again, I hope I would instead give myself a few weeks to just consolidate - carry on running and getting used to the fact that the enjoyment lies in going for a run, rather than in completing a predefined session, if that makes sense.


I have run 3 times per week since graduating. I sometimes run to 30 minutes, I sometimes run to 5k. This week my husband has started running and I am doing week 1 with him (running whilst he walks) . He runs a lot faster than me during the 60 seconds so I slow down a little during his 90 second walk. I think once he has sussed the running thing I will move on. I am happy to run 3 times per week at the moment. I am hoping we can do a parkrun together once in a few weeks. :)

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I kept my filthy new habit a secret for as long as I could (drat that red face!) Even my dog, who does get me out, does it by merely existing rather than being the kind of dog who is looking at the door and saying "Come on, come on" in dog language. I still usually say "I'm taking the dog out" and get in the car with other clothes on top of my running stuff (I get a pathetic thrill from stripping it off later to reveal Running Woman)

The programme itself was enough accountability for me! And then the Quests on the forum.


Awesome well Done #Goals


Well done!

My personal long-term goal is to keep running, and enjoying it. I expect I will increase the distance, speed etc but without really trying or setting time-limits on it.

In the short term, I will probably do a 5k race in the Autumn, just as a 'benchmark'.

But for me its about a healthy lifestyle, that is sustainable.

I will definitely keep visiting this forum. It is really motivating and inspiring.

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I remember being elated about graduating but the following weeks were such an anti climax. I think there is a need for the next step (maybe there is one and I've not looked carefully on this site).

Perhaps 'Laura' could devise a 10k plan with a bit of muscle strengthening slipped in here and there?

Happy running


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