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Marathon training plans

After seeing JuicyJu's magnificent marathon, I think I may now be prepared to consider doing a HM sometime . I have done a 14K "race" and I was still alive and standing after that so perhaps another 7 klm is doable.

I have had this link put aside in my "will come in handy one day " folder

He has got it covered fairly well -- run/walk plans through to elite!!

He has missed out the plans from Jenny Hadfield which I quite like the look of She has plans for the whole range of distances and from walking through walk/run to run/walk to advanced running . She even has a "Busy girl's HM" plan :)

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Go for it!!! If you've done 14k already, why not? A running coach pal yesterday was explaining his take on this running malarky to me. His advise is build up the amount of time you can run for and run slowly, so as to trick the brain into thinking you are in fact not running. In this way you build up fitness and stamina, the rest you add on. What do I know haha, but he made sense to me :)

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Yeah, I had a similar feeling! Once I get the 10k out of the way in May, who knows! If you can run 10 miles you can run a half...


Looking at JJ's latest post, there's an important point she makes, but doesn't expand upon (and I'll encourage her to do so in a moment) which is mental prep. I have a HM coming up in a few weeks and I'm very confident about finishing it in a reasonable time. I've not been following a plan of any formal design, but I have spent the last eight months doing a long run of 10k plus every weekend. Some of these have been 15, 17, 21 and even 22k. The result being I know I can do the distance - mentally I'm in the right place.

How 'fast' I manage to go is another matter altogether - it's my first formal HM and finishing in the pack somewhere will be good enough on this occaision.

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Many thanks Bazza, it's like searching for the holy grail :-) . I particularly like the fell runner comparison link.

No intention of doing a marathon, but a half marathon ...... who knows?


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