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Starting again after injury

Having torn my medial meniscus in September, I was given physio and told that although I can no longer run on tarmac/cement etc, I can do grass and treadmill (yuk!) running. Could someone tell me if they think the grass in parks in general is now soft enough to run on. Also, I am teriified I will damage my knee again and could do with a morale boost! I graduated last April, so am going to start the Plan from the beginning but I am very nervous and you guys are always such a massive help - I felt that I could write here and it might make me feel better! I am thinking of starting on Saturday. Thanks x

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In the South West it has been dry for weeks and while running yesterday I was thinking how hard the ground was, whereas most of Scotland seems to have had rain for days, so they are probably very soft if not muddy. The length of grass definitely affects the impact, even on harder baked soil. I think you will have to go and look, depending on where you are and take it easy. Best of luck, don't overdo it.

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Sorry, I am in London. It ousnd like I might have to wait - I have to finish the Plan by end of June! Thanks for taking the time to reply!


I am not a trail runner myself but live in SE London and I walked in some woods yesterday and the muddy paths seemed soft underfoot, especially under the trees. So maybe if you could find a little covered area to ease into it. Not sure if that is helpful. go easy with yourself.


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