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Starting Again

After only just crawling through to W5R2 a year ago I was a complete wreck, I could barely walk because of shin splints and aching arches & I could hardly breathe due to my 20 a day - I laid up for a week and then decided to quit running, it wasn't for me.

But I did do one more thing. I promised myself that I needed to get fit or at least stop being so unhealthy & I didn't like the thought of being fat at 40.

The smoking had to go. The NHS quit plan really helped & I have been smoke & nicotine free for 6 months now. Combined with deep breathing exercises means I no longer have a wheeze or cough.

Drive home on Monday & I passed dozens of people out jogging I caught myself saying "that could be me - I should be able to do that"

So yesterday I loaded up the MP3s again & this time I made a proper timetable (A tip from the stop smoking program is to use their wall chart for the first 4 weeks & cross off every day as you make it through & make it part of your routine). So I've made my own C25K wall chart which lists every session in each week & I'll be crossing off every run as i do it. It also gives me something to look back on to remind me of my progress and to just think about the next run on the list.

For me it's not about doing 5k or 30mins - it's about getting back out there for the next run - and taking it one run at a time.

So last night I pulled on the trainers & got back out on the tarmac and did W2R1 (trying to give myself a spare week in case I need it later in the program) .

It felt amazing.

I can breathe & run & breathe & don't care how stupid I look - I did 2.7k and this morning I didn't look like a demented chicken when I'm going up the stairs.

W2R2 is on Thursday evening, so bring it on....

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Congratulations on quitting smoking, that's a massive achievement in itself and I'm sure you are already feeling the benefits of it, both with your health and wallet.

C25k should be much more easier this time around now that you can breath, good luck with it, just remember to Trust in the Plan!


Well done on the quitting smoking, that certainly helps with the breath ;-) And well done on giving it another go and getting back out there.

Look forward to your continued blogs. :-) Best of luck.


Yes quitting seems to have helped & has also taught me that achieving something big needn't be as daunting ... mind over matter as they say.


Very best wishes to you - you sound really determined and with an attitude that will take you right through the programme, to an even healthier you. :)


Yay well done, I gave up smoking as I started this and realised it was that or die of suffocation. To be honest it's that that's kept me going on the programme so far as i knew id slip back if i stopped!I think you have set yourself up really well to succeed. Just focus on enjoying it and getting control in your life, enjoy the feeling of fresh air and clean lungs. Ill enjoy reading about your progress ...


Gosh, well done on the quitting smoking, and restarting the programme.

Impressive and inspirational


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