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Starting again


No posts and no running since Christmas! Life got in the way, my job changed and I had a load of personal issues going on that I certainly don't want to bore you good people with. I got as far as week 7, which was amazing for me as I had never run before, and now as I think about it most days I am ready to face this again. Just a little advise from you graduates please - do I go back to the beginning? or should I try week 4 or 5 and see how I go? I'm worried if I fail a run it will set me back again. Thank you all in advance

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Why not compromise and start at week 3?

Sounds like you’ll be fine with that.

Remember it’s still never easy so don’t be put off. Push through.

But I’m sure you could start there. 👍🏼

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Thanks I will let you aLloyd know how it goes ☺

I’m no expert but try week 4, if you struggle you can always go back. Welcome back.

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Thank you


I wondered where you had got to:)

Hope all is settled for you now...:)

Why not, do as many of us do, head out for an Irishprincess joggette...just head out... see how you feel and how far you get.

Take it... yes you've guessed it, steady and slow..Because you did not stop because of injury.. you may find you are up for a run not too far from where you finished..:)

Let us know how you fare.. and glad to have you back... :)

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Thank you I will give it a go and let you know No injuries just a lot of bad luck 😕

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Brilliant... :)

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