1st running injury

1st running injury

I should start by àppologising for the white legs. I am Welsh and live in Wales. I have a cold and a cough so i thought I would just do week 3 run 2 with my husband and no extras.

Well about 10 seconds into the first run i became entangled in a bramble that was lurking in the freshly cut grass. My husband couldnt run for laughing :-) . i eventually escaped after running like pheobe for about 60 seconds :-) . we finished our run and i inspected the damage. Well that will teach me for wearing Capri pants :-)

Be careful everyone brambles are deadly.


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24 Replies

  • I have an actual scar on my ankle from a bramble because my head torch ran out while I was running in the woods and when it got me I was 100% sure it was a monster (turns out I still believe in monsters when I'm in the dark in the woods by myself!) so just kept on running like a terrified thing instead of stopping to untangle myself. They are surprisingly sharp, aren't they?!

  • Ha Ha. I probably would have thought the same if I had been on my own. I was a little braver with my husband there :)

  • Ooh it looks nasty! But on the bright side you had shaved lol!!!!

  • yep. I don't think I would have posted the photo if not. :)

  • Running like Phoebe :D

  • A reference not everyone will get :)

  • Brambles get hold and keep hold! Useful though, and it won't be long til they're packed with fruit

    We all tumble and get cut and grazes at some point. Epsom salts in a hot bath and you'll be good as new ☺

  • thanks. I didn't think it had cut me until I finished running. I am quite a wuss and normally I would have made a fuss but I didn't even notice until I finished running. Funny thing this running :)

  • Ooh ouch! That husband of yours needs a clip round the ear!

  • I would have laughed if it was the other way round though :)

  • Owwwww. Poor you. Your husband's lucky - I would have pushed mine into the brambles and left him there if he'd laughed at me :D Just tell people it was your pet tiger.

  • Next time he is going the bramble side :)

    A pet tiger sound good though

  • Hoooo that hurts. Are you sure it was Brambles and not a mean witch hiding in the bushes?

  • Ha Ha. Don't say that. I have to run that way again and sometimes I am alone :( . It is Wales though and there are lots of witches :)

  • I went out with a few in my younger day :)

  • Oops, I didn't know that.

  • Ouchie. I have done a couple of things similar in the past!

    I remember last year running down the road with my jacket tied around my waist, and it got stuck on some bramble or other and it TWANGED me backwards haha!

    It's funny how many hazards are out there for us runners :D Take care out there! x

  • Ha Ha. Sorry I can just imagine it. Luckily only my husband was around to see my encounter. There are lots of things that you just don't think of. :)

  • Brambles certainly don't need C25K, they are well able to run after you :-(

  • I know. It was chasing me for ages :)

  • Hope it heals soon Stef.

    Long pants for me if there is any threat of laceration from the undergrowth.

  • Long pants for me from now on - the Capri's are not a success, I also find my shins are sore after running in them :(

  • Always run in my long johns!!

  • Good Idea. The Capri's are not a great buy for me :)

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