The new performance enhancer

For reasons that seem a bit trite now, I got involved in a rather nasty argument yesterday evening, which left me feeling quite upset and wound up. So rather than lie in bed grinding my teeth to stumps, I got up and went out for a run at midnight. No route, no plan of distance, no headphones, just went left out the front gate and ran.

After the first few minutes I started running faster, I suppose driving out my demons with exertion. It all sounds a bit Forrest Gump as I write it, but it did the trick. I didn't thin about the row or being upset or anything I just kept running harder.

I ran places I have not run before simply because I was on complete autopilot navigationwise (not sure that is a good analogy, presumably autopilot locks into a route ratehr than being random, but YKWIM). At one point I startled a large badger who I had to vault over. Not sure whether he was more alarmed or I, but I didn't stop to ask.

When I got tired I ran home. I had no idea how long I had been out for or how far I had run, but felt a lot better and slept quite well after.

I was surprised then, this morning, while listening to the Archers on my laptop when my Garmin pinged to say it had transferred data. I must have started it when I set off out of sheer force of habit, without even realising.

I was even more surprised to discover that I had run a shade over 18k last night, and at the 10k had taken 7.40 off my PB, and extrapolating out another 3k would have taken 13 minutes off my HM time.

So there you have it. If you want to set a really good race time, have a really bloody row with someone an hour or so before the start.

It also goes to show how much more we could push ourselves if we tried. I have been chipping away at my 10k time for a while, and am always pleased to shave 10 seconds off her and 15 seconds off there. More than 7 and a half minutes is something else entirely, and had you ased me yesterday I would have thought the idea ridiculous.


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20 Replies

  • Right I'm off to start a row right now Rignold. Thanks for the tip.

  • I remember that!

  • You still in NZ TT?

  • Sounds like a great run to get the rage out. I did one of those last week after a bad day at work, only I didn't have the energy to go that far, I did fast intervals but a short route, it really helped. Wish my Garmin hadn't been playing silly b**ggers on that run because it would have been interesting to see what speeds I was doing. Hope you feel better now :)

  • Well I hope that your satisfaction with the improvement in your running time is the oil to calm your troubled waters. Every cloud has a sliver lining etc..

  • Good old fight or flight worked then? Great distance especially in the dark Rignold. Hope it did the trick and you felt chilled this morning. Thanks for the tip....... Going off looking for someone to pick a fight with........

  • Well that's mad isn't it!

    How great that something positive came out of that. I'm not normally one to have a row, but if I feel I need to work on speed or distance then watch out world!


  • ......a fellow archers fan....what about Rob then....

  • That's amazing. Scary and amazing!!!!

  • Well done Rig, every cloud has a silver lining and all that :-)

    I would love to see a badger ! Ive never ever seen one ....

    Hope peace and calm has been restored in the Rignold household this evening xxx

  • Ah so you've never seen a badger raid a campsite and get stuck between the footprint and groundsheet of a neighbouring tent then. Actually I wouldn't recommmend it - bit disturbing at 2am!

  • Blimey ! That mustve been a shock , Aw hope it was okay :-)

    I suppose I wont have much chance of seeing one during the day :-( I haven't seen an owl either , I can hear one on a night when I take the pugs on their last patrol of the estate . I am dying to see it , it must be very close but well hidden :-) xxx

  • Well done, brilliant. Running is so therapeutic in so many ways, quite amazing what you achieved. What a bonus you were wearing your Garmin to see what you had achieved.

  • Blimey, midnight running! Just think how fast you'd have been if you could actually see where you were going! :)

  • Wow. When reading I had thought that you had perhaps ran for 3-4k just to stretch out the legs and calm down.

    18k!!!! Must have been one helluva argument Rignold :D

  • Well done Rignold a great unexpected run. I prefer the quiet life though ;-)

  • Wildlife vaulting - a new sport!

    I'm sorry you had to have the row first but great to read about the whole experience.

  • Cor, blimey....if a good argument can reduce your PBs, then just think what our MPs should be doing by 7th May?

  • Excellent...... the fast angry man vaulted a startled badger beats the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog any day.

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