W7r2 - Faster pace - Further run!


third 25 minute run in a row so thought I should push myself today to alleviate any potential "boredom" - caused me some initial issues as the pace I set to begin with was faster than previously and couldn't quite get the rhythm for my breathing. Settled down about 6 minutes in.

My route is not a convenient loop unfortunately - I run away from the house and then have to turn round and come back, so I have to listen carefully to make sure I don't miss the announcement from Laura of 1/2 way - otherwise I end up too far away to get back by the end of my run. Anyway - passed my previous furthest distance out and kept on going before having to turnaround. Was surprised how far I managed to get, and still made it back to the start by sign-off time. even pushed myself for the last 30 seconds - couldn't do the full minute Laura - sorry!

Last run of the week on Friday.


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  • I just loved the phrase that Mr Smooth used, " you may want to change your pace now" .. I may but never did, the only change was going to be slower and certainly not faster...So Lara does the same then...

    You pushed an extra 30 seconds, that's 30 more than I ever did... Well done you

  • Yes I think they all read from the same script - it does call into question their integrity - but I'm too deeply committed to bring the whole shiny edifice down now - and everyone else seems bought in so why undermine something that is doing good for so many.

  • Laura is the original c25k coach. She did the program herself and so knows exactly how we feel.

    The new 'coaches' on the app are reading from her script by the sound if it.😊x

  • A very loyal Daughter of Laura :)

  • I have seen Laura referred to on here as 'she with the mechanical voice'..

    Outrageous 😯

  • WHAT??!!

    Outrageous indeed :(

  • How rude - her pithy encouragements are just what I need sometimes - although did consider adding some variety by mixing in some Jo Whiley - but can't download the app to my phone. So I'm staying faithful to Laura to the end.

  • Noo I refer to mechanical voice lady who is the Map My Run robot... if people have mistaken that for Laura I apologise....

  • BTW who is Mr Smooth? Is that another Ap?

  • Michael Johnson, there are a few people on here who have a bit of a crush going on ( Jancanrun .....)

    I had a girl crush on Laura. Maybe we all just get attached to our coach :)

  • Yeah - I'm wondering when to break it to my wife I've been spending time with another woman.

  • I do mean Laura BTW before there's any potential confusion.

  • Well caught....:)

  • Lol, it's funny how we pick our mentors. I never went with 'crush' though, l chose Mr Johnson through great respect and running while listening to him helped me a lot.

  • Yep I'm Mr Smoother! Could listen to him all day couldn't run that long tho lol 😀

  • Ooh I did not know that . So Mr Smooth is just an Olympian follower then...

  • Ohhh me too JCR...there's no quickening from me!! Even if I were bursting for the loo my pace wouldn't change!!!

  • Hahahah yes every time they say that I think hmm and you may just want to sod off!! 🤣🤣

  • Sounds like a terrific run. Are you beginning to feel looser and more relaxed once the first 8 to 10 mins are done....😊..Go you...

    Week 8 should be fun, no worries.x

  • Yes - also helped by a new fluorescent top (it wicks away moisture - or so they tell me) prefer to also avoid the big trucks now the mornings are darker, plus new running shoes with bouncier heels!!!!

  • ooops - Fluorescent top does not wash well with Whites........(I did try to warn my wife but she thought it would be ok) a few items which should be white are now fluorescent as well..........the perils of running!

  • I wash my running clothes in special 'Sport Laundry Gel' at 40oC and never had problems, but I never had fluorescent shirt either.

  • I seem to zone out after the first 10 mins...there's all sorts going through my mind...today, because of the rain, I was thinking about the conversation we all had on here yesterday about clothing..! Then I was thinking about a couple of people on here who are lacking the motivation & how they must want to do it otherwise they would never have started...the fact that it was bouncing it down kept popping into my head every few minutes but I just kept thinking how much I'd run and how little of the run I had left! I cannot believe that I thought a 90 second run was at the beginning...this programme is magic!!! X

  • Agree - can't believe it myself sometime, just want to keep on going and get to the end before someone bursts my bubble.

  • Ha ha...I know what you mean!!!

  • Woo hoo...good for you...I cannot change my pace at the end at all...I find a comfortable pace at the beginning & stay there the whole time...maybe when I've been running for a hundred years!!! Lol

  • Or trick yourself by slowing down towards the end so you can deliver a final kick for the last minute - I'm sure I've seen Mo Farah do exactly the same.

  • Laura works... listen to her... and do not try to push yourself...please..boredom??? What???

    You just take it steady... the breathing will be fine then....speed and distance will come... in time:)

    If you had taken it steadily.. you would have done the full minute... :)


    Laura and I are big friends!!!


    Well done on the run though... BUT... slow and steady please.... for me?

  • But I wouldn't have covered the furthest distance I've run, which has given me a real view that 5k in 30mins is possible, so swings and roundabouts - but don't worry only pushing pace within my comfort zone-ish.

  • Okay.... The 5K in 30 minutes certainly is possible... but it should be at a comfortable pace... and if that is where you are currently.. that is fine...:)

    Not many achieve it after the nine weeks... but some do... ( I did... :))

  • show off

  • Yes... my one claim to fame...:)

    I only did it, because at the time.. I thought I had to!!! It was a runner on here Ullyrunner who told me afterwards, that I did not have to run the 5K... but.. I did do the whole programme, as I advocate.. slow and steady... turns out my slow, was not quite as slow as I thought! :)


    Oh I do have another claim to fame... Sir Ben Kingsley once bought me coffee and cake.. ( when I liked cake)... however, he was not famous then or knighted:)

  • Going on my timings tonight I am never gonna get to 5k on 30 mins, but do you know what I really am not bothered at this early stage of my running life. Maybe this time next year I may be a little closer?!? If not. So be it!

  • Yeay!!!! Just go with the flow.... I did not do 5K in 30 mins again for ages...no need.... it is, all about the run:)

  • What is this magical thing you call "comfort zone" please? Do the words "comfort" and "running" actually BELONG in the same sentence??? Lol ;-)

  • I suspect you know the answer to that already

  • :D

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