I Run... I Accidentally Break Helicopters!

I Run... I Accidentally Break Helicopters!

So I've been lucky in that I've done some quite weird and exciting (and some would say just stupid) things in my life but running the Great Manchester 10K is probably one of the scariest; no exactly sure why - there'll be about 10,000 people there and nobody's really going to notice if I run or even walk the thing backwards dressed as a giant cucumber. I suppose it's scary simply because I've set myself a challenge and I don't want to fail... and something else...

But let's go back 10 months (screen ripples)

Had a health scare, gave up smoking, took up c25k - never even thought about running before - loved it - loved running along the beach in all weathers seeing the world through new eyes - kinda thing. Changed my life. And the wonderful people and support I've received on the Forum is phenomenal. But we all need new challenges. First, was being able to run 10K which I can now do but second was running it faster which is my current challenge and sometimes I get it wrong - this week I ran a PB for the first 5K and a PW (personal worst) for the last 5K - so still finding my feet! And of course there are minor injuries and occasionally the Gremlins still get their oars in - Mine are Rowing Gremlins!

So four months ago I thought: 'Time to sign up for a 10k Event. Get a new challenge!' So Park Run had teamed up with A.R.U.K. (Alzheimer's Research UK) and they were looking to find runners to raise money - so I signed up and they sent me the T-Shirts and interviewed me and even paid the entrance fee - Me dear old mum had Alzheimer's so ARUK is a charity close to my heart - especially as they seem to be getting so close to finding a cure or prevention. So I suppose that's why I feel a little apprehensive about this run, because suddenly I feel I have a responsibility to do well or at least do my best - and when I look out of the window and see rain and gales I've thought to myself - No excuses, get out there...

It's amazing how a simple thing like starting to run and some tremendous support (and 5 sets of running shoes) can change your life!

There's more about me and contributing to ARUK at: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Da...

SO to everyone who has helped get me into running, a very big and heartfelt thank-you. :)

PS. I weigh 12 stone and need to knock one twelfth from my 10K time if I lose a stone will that work??? :))


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57 Replies

  • Wow Ru-non, is amazing finding out more about your background! ( i once served the guy David Threlfall from Shameless at our bar during Minghella film festival!)

    *have sent you a small donation ( skint as usual!) in honour of your "fantastique" efforts, you'll do great i'm sure and its such a great cause (my mum has similar condition)

    I'm doing "walk the Wight" that day too, so we will both be putting ourselves through a strenuous ordeal! :)


    talk soon, just off out walkies :)

  • Alibi - many thanks - you are really kind. DT is a wonderful man - He must have met you after I worked with him because otherwise he would have mentioned you. We used to nip out of the studio for sneaky fags - I used to be so bad - now of course I am a Saint :)) XX

    I shall take a look at Walk the Wight... It is a bon idée, n'est pas?

  • It's life changing stuff for sure. Running with others is never quite as scary as you imagine it to be. In fact I'm pretty sure you'll find it both exciting and inspiring. As for the weight loss, I wish i was 12 stone!

  • Weird - I must be one of the few people in the world to put on weight with running - probably because my metabolism changed after quitting smoking - I suppose if I hadn't taken up running I'd now weigh a zillion tonnes :)

  • I love this post what an inspiration you are Runon, Your probably right about the weight thing Ive packed on a full half a stone in the last 6 months after stopping smoking but I feel so much healthier i don't mind! is there any podcasts speed training??

  • Hi Xsmokey and thank you. I think packing in the weed really does make you feel healthier even if there is weight gain - which is usually temporary anyway - but even if not is a lot better than setting fire to your mouth kinda thing :)

    There's a very good interval podcast in the c25k+ series of podcasts - it's really good - other than that i"m just doing a mix of intervals and tempo stuff. Earlier this week I really did do my fastest 5K but was meant to be running 10K - I don't know why that first 5K felt so easy - it is the funny thing about running - you train - nothing seems to improve and then one day - whoosh - for no apparent reason you are breaking barriers! :)

  • Woo Hoo , Look at you !

    Good Afternoon my dear :-) Well, Well , Well youre a celebrity Mr Runon , fancy that ! :-)

    Very , very interesting to hear about you and what a fantastic cause you are running for .

    My dad died of vascular dementia , it was heartbreaking to see a man who could add up totals for his betting slips in a matter of seconds reduced to not knowing how to put his coat on. ( I will of course be making a donation , once Ive been paid )

    Youre training is going really well by the sounds of it. You will nail it , no problem. I am back on the IC after getting over the problem in my right hip , but now having the same pain in my left hip . Grrrr ! I need new hips, these ones dont work properly ! :-)

    My running doc has done the GMR a coupla times and he said to me "You will pass people, and they will pass you. There are people who will walk it, people in fancy dress, showers ( those are the Runon Run-in Showers, bring your shower cap !) live bands , DJ's , just enjoy it "

    So thats what Im gonna do, we will have a ball Runon, it will be amazing !

    Ive put on weight too since I started running . I eat far too much chocolate though, so that might be it ha ha :-)

    Fab post Runon, and I love the photo of you on your beach ! :-) xxx

  • Hey Poppers - we are all celebrities, but on this Forum the real stars are the likes of yourself and Juicy Ju.

    Now my dearest - I am so sorry to hear about the left hip coming out in sympathy just when the right is mended. It is rubbish to be on the IC. I've been so lucky - just bruised the heel of my left foot but I don't think it's anything a few Ibuprofen won't fix. Now you wil be fit for GMR even if I (and probably a few other guys even fitter than me - if that is possible of course) do have to carry you! And of course I shall buy you chocolate after the run or ice-cream or something really sweet and sticky!

    Thank you for your kind offer, these Alzheimer's Research guys are going to nail dementia - I like their attitude. But I need to raise the money for them or they said I could never run again. (It was the big guy with a scar on his face and cauliflower ears - looked a bit like Ray Winston). In the mean time I have decided to become a bank robber and wondered if you knew of anyone who can knit masks and sew swag bags - jus' askin'. Probably best to leave off the c25k logo this time! :) XXX

  • My dad has vascular dementia Poppy. It's just dire, isn't it? Hopefully they'll find a cure soon, thanks to people like Runon.

  • Oh Princess, it is heartbreaking..... I really hope so. Big hug for you ((( ))) xxxx

  • xxx

  • I am sure they will - they have come so far in a relatively short time - there is just a lot less money going into this area of research compared to many diseases that claim or debilitate far fewer lives. But in truth these things are really impossible to quantify because love and emotions cannot be put into numbers - so we must all do our best big or small in the areas we care about and I am really grateful for your kind words but there are some real troupers out there doing so very much more than me and it will result in success X

  • Runon , search no more ! Im ya man- I mean Im ya woman for knitting, well crocheting , same thing, no one will notice ......

    I used to crochet little squares and make them into blankets for out of work actors and TV directors Ha ha :-)

    I will do the GMR, no question about it , even if I have to be carried around like Cleopatra on her wotsit thingy whatever its called :-)

    I am really looking forward to it . They printed the route yesterday in the Manchester Evening News . Ah, 10k isnt that far Runon, we will be round it before we know it - Gulp ! Ha ha :-D xxx

  • OH Poppers - I like the idea of blankets but would I not look silly robbing banks in them - could you do more of a Clint Eastwood poncho - I think it would be more in keeping. I am searching for Cleopatra's wotsit... :) XXX

  • Ha ha ! You've got to ask yourself one question, "Do I feel lucky ? " Well do ya Runon ? :-)

    I can only do blankets, I will cut a hole in the middle for you to pop your head through , it'll be fine :-)

    Oooh yes , please let me know when you find Cleo's wotsit , thanks ever so ! :-) xxx

  • Cleo's wotsit has been found in Tutankhamun's thingy - so we should have no problem getting you around the course with it :) xxx

    PS. I am always lucky :))

  • Ha ha , that sounds a bit perverse if you dont mind me saying , and on a Sunday too ! :-D xxx

    Youre not just lucky , you are also extremely talented too and very modest with it :-)

    We will get round the course Runon, we can always jump on someone whos running as a pantomime horse or summat like that :-D xxx

  • Heaven forfend - pervesity on a sunday and on a pantomime horse also. What next, crocheted running shorts :) XXX

  • Ha ha , very good Runon !

    We will have to have a virtual meeting and brainstorm some ideas for strategies for our GMRunon. I will get "my people " to contact " your people " :-D xxx

  • Received and understood PP-007. I just need to say 'my people' are a bunch of lazy g*ts and you may do better to use secret code in a PM direct - say no more :) xxx

    PS. I have a sneaky plan to send the other runners to the wrong venue so you and I can come in 1st & 2nd places (obviously I shall take second place) - Our friend Paula thingamajig can come third I think!

  • Ahhh * taps side of nose * Message understood, I think :-)

    The weather in Moscow is exceptionally warm for this time of year .

    Am I a spy ? Or are you a spy ? Or a steak pie ? Or Popeye ? I am confused now :-D xxx

  • You guys are hilarious and should be on the telly. You're better entertainment than some of the dross that's on at times. Keep it up!

  • Ha ha Princess, its Runon leading me astray . Everytime he starts a thread it always descends into chaos . Ha ha, he IS a very funny guy though :-) xxx

  • I'm giggling away and hubby wonders what I'm looking at! Takes a lot of explaining - err, my running buddies are really funny and are making me laugh. Funnier than the Masters.

  • Ha ha Princess, its PP leading me astray . Everytime she starts a thread it always descends into chaos . Ha ha, she IS a very funny girl though :) X

  • Ha ha Touche Mr Runon, I will give you that one ! :-D xxx

  • Probably best to start again - :) yes let us talk strategy :) xxx

    Ps - how do you stick your number thing on? :))

  • Hmmm . Drawing pins , I found the one that you put on my chair :-)

    Oh no sorry, safety pins. Do not worry, I will be carrying extra supplies in my bum bag

    I havent got mine yet though. Did you post a pic of your number ? :-) xxx

  • I haven't got a number yet - I probably don't need one - I mean I know who I am. Actually I could be Number 6 - although that's quite a way down. THere were never more than 12 of us in a race at school so I imagine this is much the same - except we won't have teachers shouting at us. Sorry waffling now - time for my medicine. :) xxx

    PS - sorry about the drawing pin - I thought you weren't going to mention it again.

  • Oh yes I remember now, you got your T Shirt not your number. We will have to post pics of our numbers on here and then it will be really real :-) xxx

    I wont mention again about the time you put the drawing pin on my chair causing severe pain and discomfort to my bum cheek which then spread to my hip causing me even more severe pain and discomfort . I wont mention it again, promise xxx

  • No - probably best not to mention the drawing pin on the chair causing hip pain etc. Just don't mention it really, at all in fact, never again indeed, forgiven and forgotten eh! - The drawing pin fiasco as was and never will be mentioned at all, at all. :)

  • Okay , all forgiven and forgotten , promise xxx

    Hey, its been very cold and rainy and windy today, but come Wednesday its going to be cracking the flags and it is going to be like that for ...... 3 months. Thats from the Daily Mail so its got to be true.

    That means by my powers of deduction , that its going to be a scorcher for our GMRunon. I am going to have to re-think my wardrobe . Oh whats a girl to wear ?

    Thank God for the Runin Runon Showers :-) xxx

  • Pop, you have to look at this!!!


  • Ha ha , thanks Pigivi, that is funny ! :-D :-D xxx

  • Great post. Wishing you every success with your challenge :)

  • Many, many thanks goonkeepgoing - you're very kind :) - I'm sure it will be a laugh (one way or t'other!) :)

  • Great Post Runon, Good luck with the preparations for the race, hope the cucumber costume fits!

  • If I loose too much weight I shall go as a Runner Bean instead :)

  • :-)

  • Ha ha ha :-D :-D :-D xxx

  • Another amazing and inspiring success story. And nice to meet you too :-)

    You're doing so well achieving 10k in that time, good for you. I'm quite certain you'll nail whatever targets you set yourself.

    Take care of yourself and keep up the good work :-) xx

  • Many thanks Pink Angel - I am going o do my best :) XX

  • What a fab post Runon! You've achieved a lot so well done you. Your post is very inspiring and a really great cause. My dad's got dementia and it's just a horrible disease so all thanks to you for running for the charity. But are you really dressing up as a cucumber?

  • Thank you Irish Princess - I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. My mum had it which is why it is close to my heart. I am going to dress up as me really - though I have to admit that since I started running I have developed a penchant for brighter colours! I told Old Git that I might go as a runner bean!

  • Love it!

  • Great stuff and great cause David.

    I am another one to put on a little bit of weight since starting c25k (also stopped smoking about 5 months ago) but my metabolism is still normalising too.

  • Well done stopping Dunder and keep it up - I think we're doing the right thing - putting on a bit of weight is not nearly so unnattractive and damaging as smelling of stale tobacco. (Boy I really am a poacher turned gamekeeper!) :)

  • Great reason for doing your race and we all know you'll do well :) x

  • Ta for making me laugh you two! I'll donate as well come pay day Run On. I'm skinter than skint at the minute. Living off caulis from the garden at the minute. There are only so many things you can do with a cauli and I've done most of em!

    My mother had dementia and caring for her almost drove me the same way. Fighting the medical establishment and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all along the way didn't help either. I used to help our local Alzheimers Society by speaking out, or writing in the local rag, about the discrimination sufferers faced, much of it from within the NHS; and NICE who were busy kicking the legs from under them as well.

    I didn't run back then but I wish I had as it would have been a fab way of burning off the stress. You'll have a blast Pops and Run On. Can't wait to see the photos!

  • Thanks Miss Wobble - Poppers and I will be warming up the other runners with our double act and crocheting display. It is really kind of you to donate - it is really apprecited especially when people are skint. I don't know if they can accept cauli's but they should. Alzheimer's research is really underfunded - especially considering the numbers affected by the disease and how close they are getting to prevention or cure. As for NICE - it is anything but! When runners rule the world it will be a much better place - Poppers for President :) X

  • Mornin' Runon, how are you ? Have you got a day off today from your busy schedule ? :-) xxx

  • Ah dear Poppers - I don't know if you'd call it a day off - I'm just back from a 4.5 mile run (ASICS plan - it's mad :) ) then I have to have a conference call with my business partner who is in Cannes for the TV festival - I have my turn in May (but after our run) - then I have to prepare a script for a meeting in Leeds tomorrow. But the most important thing is that it is my Godson's birthday so I have to find the right present and go to his party - he is 4 :) now go and take over the world please - you will make it a better place :) xxx

  • Whoa, busy day ahead of you Runon ,life in the fast lane

    Have a lovely day at the Party ( take your earplugs ha ha ) and save us a bit of jelly and ice cream :-)

    Well done on your runon, you are going to smash this 10k , I just know it xxx

    Okay , absolutely marvellous ! Carry on Runon, toodle pip , ta -ta :-) xxx

  • I ate your jelly and am now pipping and toodling... Have a wonderful eve and get that hippy thing better :) xxx

  • Ah, I hope you had a nice time with your Godson , Shame about the jelly though , did you get a party bag to take home with you ? :-D xxx

    Hope you have a good day in Leeds tomorrow ( I love Leeds, its my home town )

    Catch you later, my friend :-) xxx

  • I agree Miss W, we seemed to be constantly having to fight for help for my Dad. It was so frustrating and stressful , I don't think a day went by that didn't end in tears . We just felt so helpless. It just makes me so sad for sufferers who are alone as they have no one to fight in their corner .xxx

  • Yes, so do I. The mind boggles

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