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Week 3 (finally) complete!!

I'm so happy this afternoon that I've finally completed week 3 of C25K! After a holiday and a bout of illness I was starting to think I wasn't ever going to start week 3, let alone manage to complete it. I had a breakthrough during run 2 on Thursday as I've been under so much pressure at work my mind was totally elsewhere and when Laura told me I was finished I was sad to stop running! I love how doing this is really helping my mental wellbeing as well as building my stamina. This morning I ran along Putney embankment and watched the boat race excitement building up ahead of today's race. If those girls can get out in the boats and prove that women deserve to be in the boat race, then surely I can keep going with this!! Roll on Monday!

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Hear hear! I think it's the mental side which has been my favourite bit too. Keep going! x


Its definitely as much of a mental challenge as a physical one and i love the feeling of achievement when i beat my mental gremlin telling me to stop 😊


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