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Shocked how much I put on!!

This is my first ever post and I hope to use this to motivate me in this weight loss effort!! I recently bought a weighing scale and I knew I put on some weight from the last year. Being 20 years of age I've been eating a lot of crap and drinking crap until I came to the realisation I was 14'10 in weight! I was absolutely shocked by this. To put this in perspective, I was 13'3 last January! (2014)

Now in my first week of a healthy balanced diet and exercise, I feel so much better! Next week I'll be doing the couch to 5k challenge. Anyone have experience of doing this???

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I also started couch to 5k out of a motivation to lose weight. But you get so much more out of it too. A feeling of being more healthy, getting in tune with your body, naturally cutting down alcohol etc as running with a hangover is no fun. Highly recommend it. But I only lost 2lb doing couch to 5k alone - I'd advise combining it with a diet to lose the amount you want to, but view it as a lifestyle change too. Let us know how you get on... When will you do your first run?


Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions have done C25k and many of them are here to share their experiences with you

Take time to read the stories and you will see on your right a blue text listing of threads relevant to each particular week of the programme so you can compare notes with folks on your week, so you will be able to find and give support.

You have to stick with the programme, as with your healthy eating regime. You get out of it what you put in. Just keep focussed! Good luck


I'll be doing my first run Monday! I've been doing weight training over the past week combined with a healthy diet, keeping to about 1500 calories. I think I put it on because I recently have gone from a moderate physical job to a more desk bound job, which I started in January. But, even though it's been a week I feel so much better!


Hi there :-) And well done for taking the decision to take care of yourself. I did the same thing at the beginning of 2015. I started with Dry January combined with a 5K walk every day. That resulted in all-round better health and sleep, bags of self-confidence and the bonus of a 3kg weight loss and better skin/hair. I only drank two to three units a day but removing this bad habit from my diet and replacing it with exercise has been a real eye-opener. I moved on to my next challenge - C25K - at the beginning of February. My weight stabilized two weeks ago after the loss of a further 3 kg (I think I'm building muscle as I lose fat) but my body is toning up, and I'm enjoying the programme.

The trick for me was following a programme, getting great support and feedback from this kick-ass community, and taking one day at a time (it's easier to say "just today" 30 times than envisage a potential reward a whole month away) and not minimizing the good you do yourself - even a brisk 30 minute walk is better than sitting thinking about why you aren't out there doing something.

Good luck to you, you can do it. Just tae one day at a time. End of sermon. :-D


That what's im currently doing. One day at a time. I feel so much better. I went out last night without drinking alcohol, my friends were so surprised by this and they fully supported it,thankfully. So I was happy about that. I'm glad to hear your story. My current balanced,healthy diet is so much better. I want this to be a lifestyle not a fad as I've noticed an improved performance in work. I used to be addicted to energy drinks but this more natural energy is much better. I only drink water and the occasional green tea now. Its more of the social pressures that I'm struggling with but I'm conquering it one bit at a time.

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Welcome you are young so should be able to snap back quickly quite a few of us here have taken up running as part of a programme to become healthy and it does work. Just take it one week at a time and it will become an addiction. Good luck


Welcome to the best community ever! I started c25k in Jan never having run since leaving school and I am 50 next year. It's been a complete revelation to me, amazed at how my attitude has changed, how much better I feel, and generally healthier and trimmer. Go for it!!!!! Post on here regularly to get support and keep motivated for each run. Anyone can do this :)


Well done for taking the first step. I have just finished the C25K programme, and am surprised that I could. It was not easy, definitely not, but at each stage I felt it was 'do-able' if I gave it my best shot.

The motivation wasn't (for me) losing weight, but to get fitter and make exercise part of my regular routine. I don't think it matters what your aim is, as long as it is enough to get you off the couch in the first place, and then hopefully you are stubborn enough not to want to give up!

I really recommend using the podcasts, with Laura to guide you through the different runs. I found that being able to switch off and just follow orders helped me keep going when I was struggling. The forum here is great too - you will be able to get lots of encouragement and advice from others who are at all stages of the programme, at all ages, sizes and levels of fitness.

I hope it helps you lose weight, but more importantly that it becomes part of a healthy lifestyle that you can keep going for the long-term, once your short-term weight-loss goals have been met.

Good luck.


I'm just about to start week 9 next week, I'm over twice your age, heavier than you and had never run in my life until started the C25k in Feb. Being a complete novice and being so overweight I didn't find it easy but it's such a great programme and the people on here are so supportive you will lose that weight easily. I'm sure someone has advised to download the podcasts which has Laura on and she helps and advises you through the whole process. Good luck with your journey and keep posting your progress.


Thank you for your story. I have downloaded the podcasts on my iPhone. I will keep posting my progress as the amount of replies I've had is insane. Thank you for the support and good luck in your efforts!!


Hi Aarron,

I started off the C 25K while doing the 5:2 diet. I found doing the 2 together really helped and my BMI is now below 24. I have stopped the 5:2 and found that the additional running I now do makes it relatively easy to maintain the weight.

Also found that when I eat junk or drink alcohol, the next days run is not comfortable - so prefer to have a good run!

Good Luck


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