Is it normal to put on weight?

After completing week 2 and eating healthily all week, I was extremely surprised to find that I'd put on almost 4 pounds in weight in just a week! Has anyone else had this happen? If so, does it continue or does the weight drop off again? Is it possible that it is muscle weight? I'm a little annoyed as I know it can't be from what I've eaten this week. Any insight would be much appreciated :).


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12 Replies

  • A lot of that will be water weight xxx plus some of the muscle that you've built xxxx I have personally given up weighing myself as I drink at least 2 litres a day a lot of people start measuring themselves to see how many inches they've lost as it maybe that your weight is exactly the same but you've lost an inch off your waist...the scale tells porkies! So take your weight with a pinch of salt and measure yourself once a month to see how much progress you've made xxxx

  • scale doesnt recognize muscle from fat, also im not big fan of stepping on a scale everyday and obsessing over weight, instead maybe u should measure yourself and then compare your new and old measurments monthly to see results just to keep u going, if u r eating clean and u r in this for a long haul results will come, just maybe not as fast as u might want.... anyway it should all be about staying healthy, being fit and feeling good about yourself :)

  • I agree with Tattoojunkie and Malimaio: I gained weight around week 2 (but I was drinking lots of wine and eating bad food). I do weight watchers when I'm being good and it's highly recommended to measure yourself rather than weigh, if you're exercising you will change shape and not necessarily lose anything.

  • Although muscle does weigh more than fat at Slimming World our consultant always says that you need to be a marathon runner or weight lifter to see any weight gain - I don't think week 2 would qualify!

    Weight loss is a fairly straightforward process - using more calories than you are taking in. Running does use extra calories - maybe not as many as you feel it should from the effort involved! Could it be that you are rewarding your efforts subconsciously by eating more? Or as tattoojunkie suggests, maybe you have upped your fluid intake.

    Anyway, you will see changes in body shape so stick with it! Good luck.

  • The other thing to bear in mind is that, in the early stages you aren't actually doing that much running so you may not be burning as many calories as you think. Also, are you sure you're eating the right amount of calories to lose weight - even healthy food contains calories. Have you tried tracking your food intake, using something like myfitnesspal? I have a pretty healthy diet but am always surprised when I seriously track at how much I am actually eating! The important thing is don't be put off - you will get fitter and slimmer by doing the programme. It's not a quick fix but if you try not to worry too much about your weight it will come and you may even have some fun along the way! Good luck!

  • Here's the important thing. Can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you ate sensibly and exercised regularly? If so, then the weight gain is an honest one. It's happened to me before and will happen again. Now and gain, I will also admit to eating and drinking too much and not exercising enough...I'm not perfect and occasionally it happens. It's just life and we all have to let our hair down sometimes.

    You are not a robot. Just continue with the programme in the morning. You'll be fine.

  • I am guessing you may be eating more due to the exercise...if you are worried about weight gain, use Myfitnesspal which is fab :)

  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm not eating anymore than normal, which is why I was confused about the gain. I am drinking more water though which may account for some of it. I'm not really doing the programme to lose weight as I have a BMI in the healthy range, it's more to get fit. I was just concerned that if I kept jogging, I may somehow become overweight if it kept making me gain weight like this (as weird as that actually sounds). I reckon that for the next few weeks I'll stop weighing myself weekly and instead measure myself as recommended. Thanks :).

  • I really wish I had measured myself at the start of the programme. I'm about to start week 8 and have lost a few pounds now, but when I look in the mirror I definitely look much more toned and less lumpy and bumpy! I feel a lot better too. :)

  • C25k isn't muscle building exercise as you're not running far enough.

    I put weight on early on but it stopped once I packed in eating post-run snacks. Mystery solved! LOL

  • Now, I haven't lost any weight. If anything I have gained a little… And I went back onto chocolate at Easter. On the other hand, I feel skinnier: the over-belt flobble has definitely diminished, and my thighs have some proper muscles in them. I still eat too much rubbish, though, so the over-belt flobble may well return.

  • I am about to complete wk6, injury permitting, I have lost 1/2 stone since wk1. Dieting wise I have cut out a lot of snacking and have tried to reduce my carb intake and increase my protien, lots of fish mostly. I thought being 16 1/2 stone to start with that the weight would drop off really quickly but it doesn't seem to have. However I am much fitter and needed to make an extra hole in my belt to hold my jeans up and my legs are really toned and muscular. I am hoping as the runs will be continuous ones from now on that the weight will reduce at sn accelerated rate, not going to stop after graduation, will keep running, lifestyle change rather than an aid to dieting.

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