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W6R3 done, hope I'll make it this time

Hi, this is my first post here, but I have been lurking for some time... I started the programme last year and got through quite well to exactly this point (W6R3) and then completely lost my mojo because I slept very badly after the longer runs (20 and 25 mins).

However, I tried again this year and am determined to see it through this time. Today's 25 mins weren't too bad and I want to do a 4km fun run on May 8th which should just about work if I keep at it. I saw a woman (a littly older than 56yo me) the other day who was running very slowly but looked quite relaxed and content. I tried to follow her example today. Still needed the 5 min. walk to recover afterwards ;-).

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Hello sizexm and welcome. Really well done in getting this far without posting! If you can run for 25 minutes you can run for 30 so you should start thinking about your graduation post. You should definitely be ready for your fun run in May. Keep posting!


Well done sizexm. Especially well done for restarting after being dissapointed the first time. I'm pleased you were inspired by someone looking content running slowly, that is what it is all about. Far better to be out there running slowly, and content, than back on the couch because trying too hard is making you miserable.

I think you will find that in the long run, running more slowly will get you where you want to be with the least pain. You will realise one day as if by magic how much progress you've made without even noticing it.

Happy running


Well done for starting again. I think running relaxed and content sounds great. The main thing is to enjoy your running. Good luck with your future runs


Thanks for your kind words everyone! You are right, slow and relaxed is the goal!


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