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Week 7 run 3

Tomorrow will be my 2nd run of week 7. I now know I can run for 25 minutes but would love to increase my pace. I know it's probably too soon and could mean I don't finish 25 mins. I did 3.78km in my last run but that included the 5 min walking at each end so I have a way to go for 5k. I bought myself some running tights and tops today as my normal tshirts and leggings are too warm. Not sure they will help me but I will look the part.

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Don't fixate on 5k in 30 minutes. That is a fast time for us beginners, and few can manage it. What I did was make sure I could run the duration, then on week 8 I started to run longer than the 25 minutes, and got over 4k in that week (but not in the 25 mins). In week 9, I ran on after the 30 minutes to complete the 5k. Worked for me. My fastest 5k so far is 33:41, which was on my graduation run.


Don't even think about pace at this stage. Take each run very slowly as this builds your stamina. You can start looking at your speed after graduation. With the new kit, you should be running very slowly anyway so that people can have a good old look!

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Totally agree . don't worry about the 5K in 30 mins, all you need to do to graduate is 3 x 30 mins in week 9, no matter how far that is :D ,For now just run at a pace that will see you complete each timed run :D good luck and stick at it ,it so worth it :D


Yep! 'Nods head wisely' do what the others have said. You are only a couple of weeks away from graduating - get your 30 minute runs under your belt then worry about speed - that can be your next goal once you graduate


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