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janda asks advice on backpacks!


I'm interested in hearing what kind of backpacks people are using ... and what they carry in them? I have been wondering what, if anything, to buy. What do I really need? Like many graduates here I do go for half marathon distances and might contemplate the full marathon at some point after I Run Hackney on 10th May. Help!!

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I have a very old lightweight backpack that I take out with me on long runs (greater than 10miles) where I know I will need a drink. Other than a litre of water, the only things that ever go in it are a banana and if it's cold maybe a hat and running gloves. I don't bother with it during races as there are always water stations.

I like mine as it really small so doesn't flap or bounce about.

jandaGraduate in reply to agedsnailspace

Thanks agedsnailspace. It's only really for rings over an hour that I'm looking.

Not much of a backpack wearer myself, so no help there, but I'll see you on the start line in Hackney!

jandaGraduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

Thanks Rob. Looking forward to Hackney all right. I had to pull out last year due to some ITB difficulties but looking good in 2015. See you there.


This is the closest I can find to the one I use ...


The water bladder sits in nicely without jiggling around. The only extra things I carry are energy gels, emergency cash, phone, keys and then there's still room to put layers in if I start to get too hot.

It's narrow enough to sit in between my shoulder blades and long enough to cantilever off my lower back rather than jiggle around on my shoulders (not sure if that makes sense!). There's a chest strap and a waist strap to keep it secure.

jandaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Cheers Frockyhorror. I need to check out running and cycling shops. Camelbak come highly recommended so it may be what I need. Probably want the option of carrying the extra water but, like you, it's mainly practical keys, caddy, phone etc. I see to manage on with arm band for the phone and back pocket for keys but I don't really like dining with water in hand.


Don't like me, don't use em. I like to travel light. Don't even carry a bottle as it does my head in. Did the HM with nothing at all, not even a sweet, but if it's hot a bottle of water is a good plan I grant you. A marathon. Hmm I would take a small water bottle (with the hand grip in the middle) and some sweets in my back pocket. The organisers provide the water all way round the course

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Thanks MW . On the race is no problem as you say but as the long runs get longer I think I'd like a way of carrying essentials an easier way than in my hand or a rattly bumbag.


I prefer to keep things down low!!! - so I wear this running belt from Adidas tonyprycesports.co.uk/image...

The small bottles, which sit in the small of my lower back, hold about 170 ml each so 500 ml max. I don't drink a lot of water when running and find that I have to really stop running to be able to swallow. I also carry my keys and ID in a front pocket of the belt and carry my phone in a spectacles case like this images.monstermarketplace.c... clipped onto the belt at the side.

I don't think I would like to carry anything on my back

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Thanks Bazza. I see where you're coming from but think I probably would style for the backpack style of carrying things. Cheers.


I have actually bought my running / cycling back pack from Lidl. It cost less than £10 and is a very bright green/yellow. It's excellent.

Where I live the weather is unpredictable so it's great to be able to take an additional layer with me on longer jaunts.

jandaGraduate in reply to fredl

Thanks fredl. Might just check that out.

I have this I use it for run commute so has er clothes and lunch in, but I beleive some people have put bladders in them ok sportsdirect.com/karrimor-r...

jandaGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

Thanks spoonierunning. I'll add it to my list of backpacks to check out!


I have one of those Fredl! I use it for hiking. I bought it cos it's small. cheap at £6.99

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