Janda at Brentwood (Weald Country Park) Half Marathon

Janda at Brentwood (Weald Country Park) Half Marathon

I did it. Having booked myself in for a first half marathon I managed to complete it in 2h07m25s in 57th of 139 places. I am so thrilled at this achievement and can only thank HU and c25k for helping me get there. I hadn't bargained for a cross country mudbath when I entered but that is what I got. Really hard work on hills that seemed to go on forever, windy, slippery, you name it. It was slower than I hoped but better than it might have been, given the conditions. I know that this has set me up for a better time come the next HM, so long as it's on the road.

A few things over and above the achievement made this a special day though. First, I managed to get my friend Lou down from Manchester for the event. (He's younger than me and faster and completed before me but with a twisted ankle on the first lap and some bad swelling on it the morning after). Second, at the starting line, on the other side of Lou, was Aftab a fellow c25k-er I had only ever met online. And there he was in real life. We both new the other was going to Brentwood so it wasn't unexpected but it was a great surprise all the same. We spent most of the first lap together chatting about running and all sorts of stuff before we got separated. I'd recommend you read Aftab's post from yesterday if you want to get a real feel for the route: I'll just say that Lou described it as the most horrendous route he'd ever run!

By the time I got to the last lap I felt that I'd never do another run like this again, who knows. But, as I said above, I want to get back on the road and see how I do there, so I'm looking for an early 2014 HM. The sense of achievement is the greatest thing, matched only by the knowledge that I have also managed to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support through this run. (I've never been sure of the protocol of sharing fundraising links, etc through C25k, so haven't done so.)

Thanks for reading and keep on running!

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20 Replies

  • Absolutely fantastic... A really great time on a really challenging HM... And now for the next?!!!! Well done...

  • Thanks.

  • Great result Janda. Very tough terrain but sets you up nicely for a better time on "hard courts"!


  • Thanks. I'm checking the listings already.

  • Well done Janda. Sounds like a road HM will be easy in comparison!

  • Well done Janda, that is an amazing time considering the course. It was a pleasure meeting you too and the photo above really shows how it felt once we had finished! I am planning on concentrating on 5km runs for the rest of the year and maybe doing the Brentwood HM in March/April. Runners World has a very good database of events though, so it well worth a check if you want to run another HM sooner. My next one will definately be on firmer ground!

  • Thanks for the reply Aftab. I've also got shorter runs in mind with a thought to improving my speed. I'll continue checking out the RW website for info on HM races in the new year. Hope we can catch up again in another race then. I've still to post some other photos and will do so soon.

  • Absolutely amazing time Janda, well done! I read Aftab's post and it truly did sound horrendous, so hats off to you! I could only dream of such a time in optimum conditions!

  • Thanks for the encouraging response.

  • Brilliant time, Janda - and nice to 'see' you again. Well done to you on completing such as tough course in that time. I can understand you wishing to look for a road course for your next run, one that you can fly along. Check the listings on the Southern Running Guide site, and/or Northern Running Guide (or even the Scottish Running Guide, if you wish to run in the best part of the country ;-) ) as these have races listed for the next six months or more.

  • Thanks swanscot. I will check out the guides, though doubt I'll be running 'back home' (I'm an expat Glaswegian of some 34 years) for a while, perhaps when I retire!! Cheers.

  • Great time well done. Love the photos and you meeting a fellow c25kr and you raised money as well! :)

  • Thanks. More photos to add later.

  • That's an excellent time in terrible conditions. Well done!

  • Cheers.

  • Well done, it was lovely to read both yours an Aftabs accounts of the run - sounded a real challenge. Excellent times for both of you, amazing considering those conditions :-)

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for your comments.

  • Well it's nice to see the day has finally arrived and what achievement in such bad conditions. Although it looks like it was fun. Congrats

  • Thanks Phil. I'll be looking for a better time on road now I know I can do the distance.

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