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Sore hip and rose hip extract

Haven't run for over 4 months as have had really sore hip. Dont like to take too many painkillers but the stiffness was really making me feel ancient. Well I am 62 but not ready

to give in just yet !!

By chance came across an article about rose hip extract and how it works for joint pain so thought I would give it a try. Three big tablet bombs twice a day but after only three weeks the pain and stiffness has almost gone so much so that I did W1R1 yesterday.

Coincidence.... maybe but right now I will carry on taking them .

Glad to be back😊 x

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I take Omega 3 fish oil capsules to grease my joints, and I find that without it I can't stand the pain in my big toe! Whatever keeps you moving Plodalong has to be a good thing. Rosehip is perfectly natural and will be less harmful to your body than taking painkillers long term. You could even make your own!

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I do love rosehip jam... This gives me a reason to go and buy a jar.


Mmmmmmm I even love the word "rosehip" LOL


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