Ran 6 days this week --28klms

Ran 6 days this week --28klms

Now that I have finished the 10k training programme and ran the race, I decided I would fill in the 3 weeks before we go to the US by doing only easy running except for one hard parkrun day and adopt the 80/20 philosophy . I was going to run 5 days , each 5k with one being a parkrun. However we have been camped in a beachside location which is very scenic so I finished up running 6 of the days of the week. I probably broke a couple of rules in doing so but I feel quite good. I will probably go back to 5 days next week in my usual urban environment.

The parkrun was a bit tough with a turnaround point on top of a 50 metre high hill featuring a lighthouse. I decided I would forego rest early this morning to take another final 5k up there and back for some pics. They say that you should have a purpose for every run.

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  • That view could be worth running up a 50m high hill for! Where are you off to next?

  • 2 weeks in Hawaii including a week long cruise around the islands , 3 weeks in California out near Palm Springs and 2 weeks on a bus tour of the West Coast National Parks out of Las Vegas. Fly home from Las Vegas via Honolulu.

    It's tough being retired - but somebody has to do it so I volunteered!! :)

    I don't know what running opportunities I will get -probably mostly hotel and cruiseship treadmills but should be able to get some runs done in Honolulu and the Californian golfing area/desert mountains near Palm Springs here goo.gl/maps/iv9tq

  • Sounds wonderful Bazza, just wonderful. As you say, its a tough gig but someone's go to do it. :)

  • Wow what a view and even a rainbow, fantastic. No wonder you can't resist running. Well jealous of your holiday but something I hope to do in four years, retiring at 60. Well deserved I'm sure, go Bazza go, woo hoo x

  • Looks wonderful Bazza. Retirement is the bees knees as long as you can stay fit to make the most of it. I don't agree that you need a purpose for every run - sometimes it's just enough to run!

  • The ones that argue that every run should have a purpose are trainers who train racers :) Each run is supposed to have a purpose for a purpose - that is each run is supposed to target different aspects of a runners physiology.

    But from a non-racers perspective, I can also see some point to it - mostly regarding keeping up motivation. It is a common cry here -- "how do I keep up my motivation : :)

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