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Running Week 1 - this program works!

Hi All,

I'm 33 and used to play a lot of sports, but was never into running. After nearly a decade of collapsing onto the couch after the kids had me destroyed (i.e. doing no aerobic exercise), I decided to do C25K. I don't know what made me do it, but I'm glad I started. I couldn't run at all to start with. I got to W3R2 and then I talked my best buddy into running with me. So back to Week 1 I went, and we've done the first two runs. He is dying, as I was, with each run, but I am finding them really easy (I won't tell him that).

But that has shown me that this C25K stuff actually works! I know a lot of people go to 10k after this, but my main aim is that I want to run in Parkrun. I'm glad I went back as now there's a chance my buddy will run them with me. We've registered for the FIelds of Life 5K at the Stormont Estate (Belfast) on 3rd June, so we need to keep on moving!

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What a great post! Well done on your decision to begin the programmme and on your success so far. Sounds like you are really enjoying it. Just keep going in line with the programme guide and it will have you ready for each next step!

Whatever you decide to do post graduation is entirely your own decision. That is what is great about learning to run, you can then map out your own journey. Most of us start by aiming for 5k as you are. Some then overtime aim for further, or faster perhaps. It is entirely your own decision.

Enjoy and let us know how things are going !

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Hey thanks for replying. I'll let you know how it goes. Loving it!


Brilliant post !

Well done for taking up this amazing programme , you've done the hardest step !

Keep posting so that we can cheer you along your way , enjoy it and Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Thanks folks - here's a link to my first ever race (the 5K version of it). Anyone who's doing C25K in Northern Ireland at the moment, I scoured the race listings, and this is a great race to sign up to for motivation, if you are so inclined. As I am.

(the fact that it's involves doing something positive at Stormont is a huge bonus)


So my buddy is on the IC after W2R1. I'm going to keep moving on through and then come back and repeat the ones he missed.

I don't mind taking longer to do this at all. If I miss my 3rd June deadline for running 5K, I'll just run/walk my race at whatever level I'm at. Running is a lifestyle change for me. I intend to still be doing it when I'm very old, if I'm still around. Therefore, there is no real rush.


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