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Seem to have lost my pace!

After a very long a frustrating time away from running, I returned and decided to build up again using Lauras fine guidance.

I did 5/3 the other day and while I found it quite comfortable once I got going, there was just nothing in the legs to speed up.

So, quick question to those who have been on a long term lay off.

Does it come back?

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It's bound to take a while to build up again after a long lay off, but no reason to think you won't get back to your previous fitness level. 😃


Heres hoping Ully


Thanks KK. I am probably being a bit hard on myself, looking where I've been rather than where I am going. Great to be back though. :)


You don't say how long you were away from running but the fact you've built up again to run for 20 minutes is brilliant. I had to take two months off once and yes I did get it back again but I took it very slowly and it took time. I wasn't worried about speed at all just getting the distance in. So don't worry about the speed just continue building up and the speed will come.

It sounds as if you're doing really well and you're back running again. Fab stuff!

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Thanks IP. I was out for a good 4 months in total. Went from couch to HM and back to couch again. Its hard work getting back but at least I know what I am capable of and can chase down that target


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