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Legs like Xmas cake!

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I’ve had a 2.5 week break from the C25K and my legs simply don’t want to do it...any advice?!

I started the C25K just before Xmas and had got as far as Week 5. Despite being fairly unfit (and only having done yoga mostly) I found it relatively easy. I had a couple of weeks break due to illness and now I’ve started back and I’m finding it so hard going.

It’s not being out of breath that’s the problem, (I find I am for my first few minutes and then it’s fine) it’s my legs...they feel like lead. They simply don’t want to move, I feel like my gait is all funny, there’s not stretch in my legs or ankles and they just feel darn weird!!

Now before Christmas I had a pain in my foot which I presumed was down to not stretching (as it’s the same problem I had before when I trained for a 5K) and I know I haven’t been diligent about stretching.

Could the lead(ness) be lack of stretching? Lack of running? Do I need to go back to the start of the programs? (I started from Week 4 again as I was aware I might need to take it a little bit easier). Despite the title of this post I didn’t overdo it at Christmas - the normal extra turkey and a couple of Gin’s, but I’m not really an indulging kind of a girl.

Thanks so much!


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What is your hydration like?

Are you drinking 2.5 to 3 litres of fluid per day?

Has this occurred over several runs, or just one?

I’m good at that! Do at least that, water and herbal tea wise a day.

2 runs now. Maybe I’m fretting too soon?!

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It may be the hydration.. did you do any exercise over the break...maybe just time to get the legs going again... some brisk walking and some leg exercises.. so many out there to try...e.g.


I have used do many of her workouts within my rest day exercise...

We do need some non impact for strength and stamina on some of our rest days... walk, swim, cycle, climb.. yoga..Pilates...

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Firetop in reply to Oldfloss

I don’t think it can be the hydration, but maybe it’s just the general fitness thing. I just find it odd that I am doing the same amount now as when I first started the programme, but my legs feel so much worse now. That’s why I was wondering if I need to go back to Week 1 and start again (but I’d be bored with running 90 seconds now 😂!). Booked yoga this weekend and will monitor drinking.


Whoop whoop! Thanks to those that replied on this. The great news is I went out on Friday again and it was soooo much easier 🙌🏻! I think the Christmas cake legs just needed loosening a little 😂!!!! xxx

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