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Tonight's run was just for me :-)

Evening all,

Graduated last Saturday, took up with the C25K + stepping stone podcast last Monday & Wednesday, which worked me hard and, after which I had achey knees. Saturday knees were better-ish but had stomach aches too - went to Park Run anyway and got myself another PB but felt so faint at the end that I was sure I was coming down with something. Been a little weak today, not ill, just feeble I guess, so I thought I'd just go out and run as easy or as hard as I felt up to, listening to Laura and her stepping stone but not pushing. It was tipping it down, rain was streaming down me, soaked me to the skin but felt so good! I enjoyed the WHOLE run and was only marginally slower than Wednesday. I don't have a garmin yet, so judge my improvements by lamp posts and driveways etc, but I think if I'd really pushed for the last minute I might have caught up with Weds, so really, a fab run, just for me, enjoying the rain and possibly getting over whatever lurgy has been threatening me for the last week :-) Happy running everybody :-)

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Great post. Still looking forward to running in the rain.

I got strava going on my iPhone. Managed to get the parkrun plotted :)


Glad you enjoyed your run - that's what it's all about really!


Where's your graduate badge Potty!

Hope you are over the lurgy.


Glad you enjoyed it.

Don't worry about pushing yourself every time you go out. In fact, don't push yourself every time you go out, you'll learn how to run at an "easy" pace and will probably get disappointed about the distance you run, but it's so much better for your stamina and at keeping you injury free.

If you have a smartphone there's no need to get a garmin (although apparently they are more accurate). Plenty of apps available - Runkeeper and Endomondo to name but 2. You can also get a map and some string if you have no other way! But just having an idea from where you end up is not a problem at all.


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