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Bridge to 10 k & running club

Started off on the bridge to 10k programme this morning, its nice to have a new target to aim for.

Really enjoyed exploring a slightly longer route, but am anxious not to injure myself as the distance increases.

I am considering joining a running club to get advice (would never have dreamed that a couple of months ago :-) ), has anyone else done this and found it beneficial? I must admit at being concerned, being an old git and meeting proper athletes.

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hi OG , great stuff , definitely take it easy the 10% increase I believe is based on your overall weeks Km or mileage or time

I haven't considered a running club so far ,like you they all look proper athletic !! and possibly a tad elitist .. but maybe worth going along and seeing what they do and how they are , I know a few have gone that route some very good and some not so good experiences


Thanks Rob, Looks like I will be tailoring the B210k to fit in with the 10%. Glad I asked the question before I kippered my old knees!


see how it goes OG , definitely listen to your body :D


Interesting point this. I did wonder whether doing 60 minutes three times a week is really going to cause more harm than good. Might rein in the B210K and go my own way / long run weekends only..

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Hi Wristy, will still build up the distance using the run walk intervals as I found that painless this morning, however, will spread them out much and use them as the weekly long run. I think.


Yeah, bit of a jump from weeks 2/3 to 5 and 6 on that programme. All I want to do is run 10k without stopping, nice and safely (and preferably by mid-May too!)


Thanks Kitty Kat, really appreciate this. Not worth the risk when things are going nicely. I have made a tentative enquiry to my local club and had a positive reply, even after pointing out I was old and slow!

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I wouldn't be put off by thinking that a running club being too elitist. That was my initial thought too, but then I compared my parkrun times against some of the club runners and realised that they aren't all fast. Some of them are, but there's also a big bunch who are a lot slower than me.

I went out with one of my local clubs for the first time last Wednesday. They offered me a choice of about 6 different runs and i chose one to suit my pace. We did about 5 miles at a 10:00 to 10:30 min/mile pace. If that's too fast for you, they offered 2 slower groups. I found the group inclusive. We went at the speed of the slowest runner - if the group was starting to get stretched out the lead runners would loop back round. Every club will be different. Have a look round and see if there's one nearby that suits. See how many people they have who are not "speed merchants". I'm seriously considering joining.

As far as B210K goes, I sort of used it for a bit and then went my own route. I just try and mix things up a bit. Some days I have a fast day, sometimes a long slow day and occasionally try a few intervals up my local hill. I do need to sort a new objective out though. First i had C25K and then it was completing Jantastic. I now need to find something to fill the hole before my one and only race I'm signed up for as that isn't until September.


Most are slower than you Andy!! :-)

I have had feedback from my local club after a tentative e-mail last night. There were loads of club members at the parkrun on Saturday, mostly youngsters, but with plenty of supporters. Two of their runners lapped me :-( but I did manage to pass one. They look like a friendly bunch.

I have also heard good reports about the club from my independent running shop. Will give them a go! (Nice running top too!)


I've done the first two runs on week 2 of B210K but having a look at doing the beginner schedule as shown here:

I've signed up for this 10k end of may - I can do 40 minutes non stop now so feeling comfortable that I can push that up to 70 minutes by mid May.


Thanks Wristy,

Don't know about you but I have a real problem adjusting my pace. Tried to go slower this morning, but when you ignore the 3 one minute walks, it turns out the same speed!


I actually ran a 5k PB last night by over 2 mins quicker than the previous one; the new time even included the walking sections! Odd how it works sometimes...

... and I even covered the EXACT same distance, by complete fluke, as the W2R1 covered even though I only did 10 mins in the last interval this time! :/


well done old git on the new plan , and i would recommend a running club, i'm at one organised by local running shop and they are very supportive. its a "run england " club....... :)


Been in touch with someone from the club. Apparently there is a group of 'older' runners with paces similar to mine. Going for a run Thursday evening followed by a pint in my local. Sounds like my kind of training. :-)


excellent ! sounds good :)


I am in the local jog group which is run by the local council who train up jog leaders to run local groups. Lots of fun, with runners of all abilities from complete new runners to marathoners. The running clubs are not elitist. Not sure where you get that idea from. From the races and park runs I've been involved with I've only found folks to be really welcoming. I'm sure you will too

If you break down Bridge to 10 k as regards how it progresses, it goes like this:-

All runs have a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down walk

You do the runs 3 times. Not on the same day obviously! Allow at least a day's rest as usual.

Week 1 4 x 10 minute runs 4 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 2 3 x 15 minute runs 3 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 3 3 x 17 minute runs 3 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 4 3 x 18 minute runs 3 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 5 Run 1 2 x 22 minute runs 2 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 5 Run 2 2 x 25 minute runs 2 x 1 minute walking breaks

Week 5 Run 3 2 x 30 minute runs 2 x 1 minute walking breaks


Thanks MW,

The run this morning was really comfortable, and the mp3 is great!

Working out my current weekly distance it alternates between 15 and 20 Km. When I did the Week 1 R1 of B210k I covered about 7K, so it should be possible to just do the bridging plan, however, I am keen to join the local running club after receiving some very positive messages and I still want to build in a parkrun. So it looks like something's got to give!

I reckon I will be OK to do 2 of the Bridge runs in a few weeks time and still stick within the 10% increase. If that goes OK, should be able to incorporate the bridge plan completely by the time I reach the Week 4 runs.

Will be in Chesterfield for a family get together in a weeks time so will watch out for a pink running jacket!

Thanks again for your support!


Definitely look into running clubs, I joined a group for beginners and we look at a lot of technique and have fun! Being the wrong side of 50 does bring aches and pains but we have fun and I have taken about 10mins off my 10k race PB!


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