A leisurely 10 k & the difficulties of running here

A leisurely 10 k & the difficulties of running here

This is a hazard of running here. Not me but my 'friend' who entered me for the Callanish Marathon as a birthday present! Hope they sort the sheep on marathon day!!

On Monday I did 10 k or should I say 2x5k?

Jogged 5k to see a friend for coffee, had rest & relaxation and jogged back. Some walking on very steep bits.

I now have running friends who think I am becoming 'normal' and non running friends who think I am mad. Do you have the same division?

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  • Goodness not something I have encountered in Edinburgh - yet. I love reading about all the different places people live and run in.

  • Looks a lovely place to run in :)

  • Oh that looks challenging! What a lovely picture. Most people I know are just surprised at me really. I don't think they can believe that I run. x

  • You've got a beautiful location for your running. Gorgeous!

  • Hey Windswept1, I live just up the road from you!! I am on week 6 of C25K. My preferred location for running is on Dalmore beach although I've done a few runs along the road before work (when less people are likely to see me - still very self conscious!) and a couple in the Castle Grounds.

  • Wow, hard work running on the beach! I also go to jog Scotland with Kirsty Wade on a Friday lunchtime and people keep on at me to go to Stornoway running club & Westside runners but I don't like the pressure of running with other people. When you say 'up the road' are you in Carloway?

  • Yes in carloway, I think I've guessed who you are c.s? When I started c25k I felt like I was going to throw up running for 1 minute and thought how does anyone enjoy this! But the beach is great (run near the water where sand is harder). I'm surprised I managed to run for 20 mins the other day ( well 19.5 mins cos my legs stopped when I was powering up a hill and saw fit people heading towards me!).

  • yep,

    that's me. Give me a call and perhaps we can do a slow jog along the pier together. Not sure who you are though?

  • It's Derek's wife! If/when I graduate I will be up for joining you, I still don't feel like a runner and am still at the 'hiding from everyone' stage in case they wonder what on earth I'm doing! C25k is great and this community is fantastic, I've taken loads of advice from it and been spurred on to continue by the many people who are also astounded to have come so far when they previously struggled to run for a minute.

  • You will graduate!! I am MUCH older than you & never really ran before but I am very slow. . The hardest bit for me was downloading the podcasts. Had to get one of Calum T's boys to do it!

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