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First postgraduate run - and surprised at how the wind can be a pain

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Proudly wearing my C25K Graduate running shirt for the first time, I ventured into the weather (blustery showers) because I WANTED to run! I did the old route along the Thames towpath to the centre of Oxford, over Folly Bridge and back down the other side, past Christ Church Meadow and alongside the Botanical Gardens, finishing off along Iffley Road towards home. I last did this run a couple of weeks ago, on the last run of week7, and I was pleased then to complete 3.6Km of it. This time I ran the full 5K (my fourth in a week).

I did find it harder work than my week 9 runs in the week, then suddenly realised why - I seemed to be running into the wind a lot of the way, and when I paid attention to it, it seemed to make a surprising difference to the effort needed! Have other people noticed this? I wasn't going to let a bit of weather put me off though.

One bad aspect of the run, though - when I stopped, I realised that my left knee was a little uncomfortable/painful, and I almost limped my warmdown walk. When I got home, I gave it the frozen pea treatment, and it feels a lot better now. I'll have to take care with it. Strange, I'd noticed recently that my knees felt....... different - they weren't hurting in any way, but they kind of felt as if they were swollen, though there was no visible signs of things not being right.

Next, I'm going to try the Stepping Stones podcast on Tuesday (unless I can't help going for a gentle jog tomorrow!).

Happy running, C25K pals!

My run -

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Yes- I was struggling in the wind today too! I find it really hard to breathe when it is blowing in my face (it seems to steal my breath).

Take it easy with your knee. Can you elevate it a little bit if it's swollen- it may help.

What a bad time to get an injury after you've just graduated. :(

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to Sarah-A

My knee feels quite a bit better now. I iced it for about 15 minutes when I got home. I'll be alert to any warning signs in the future and try to avoid creating a real injury. I've a feeling it's something like ligaments rather than the joint itself.

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I would rest tomorrow.

Running in wind is hard as you're fighting it which is extra effort but it's worth it. Just think of the calorie burn! Yes, sometimes it can be a pain as you feel you're not making headway, but you are of course, as can be evidenced by your Garmin

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to misswobble

I will rest tomorrow. The thought of being prevented from running by an injury isn't a nice one. Looking at the Garmin stats, the 5K I ran in the wind today was fractionally faster than my first last Monday, so it's not too shabby!

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NorthernspiritGraduate in reply to Steve_L

I would rest and use your frozen peas as much as poss. I've had 2 weeks of no running due to a calf strain and the frustration is doing my head take it easy and even on rest days. I did my leg in just walking and standing too much on a rest day, a busy day in London I clocked 8k just walking around. Grrrrrr!

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It was that windy in parts of my run today that I felt I was hopping on the spot. Not being able to propel myself forward. Gaaaaaagh!

As long as it turned out all right in the end. Well done Steve you're doing right well.

Take care

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The wind thing is just one of those tricks the mind plays on you. When it's even slightly in your face you notice it but it has to be quite a significant tail wind for you to realise it is there.

It is similar to slopes. A slight downhill is barely perceptible but that same slope tackled the other way can feel like a mountain.

Sorry to hear about the knee, try not to overdo it.

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runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

How very true.

Also, if the wind isn't actually coming right at you, it feels like it is if it's slightly in your face at all. At least, that's my explanation for why it feels like I'm always running into the wind wherever I am on my route!

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Make sure you rest that knee. You don't want an injury now. I struggle with the wind on every run. North wales is very windy and I live right on the estuary :). I used to think it was only windy when the tide was coming in. I have now realised it is always windy and the wind just changes direction :). Happy running.

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